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I had to transport after my third birth due to a cervical/uterine prolapse. We left newborn dd at home with my Mom.
Only three skills??? I thought they asked you to do much more than that!
Reha Doing well here. Plugging away with self-study and trying to do it when I have time. Things are slowing down a bit birth-wise with my apprenticeship. Looking forward to attending the ATM conference in May though!!!
Midwife-To-Be is another affordable option.
We haven't sent any of our children to Preschool. I'm a firm believer in not using a curriculum for Preschool. They are so young and need to learn through play. There will be plenty of time later for formal school.
Shannan ~ You are correct that there isn't a local chapter here anymore. I know the lady who used to lead the group and she stopped because no one was coming to the meetings anymore.
Love it!! I have used it with all of my girls. I also like Getty/Dubay Italic. We switch back and forth depending on how they are doing legibility-wise.
It helps me if I can get my hands on it before purchasing. I either (in order of preference) ask the other Moms in our HS group (if they have used it and if I could look at it sometime), go to the used homeschool bookstore here in town or look for samples online. Sometimes I go off of reviews online but only if I see several good reviews. I did that recently with First Language Lessons.
Shannon honey...you did not fail!!!! Quote: You had a planned homebirth that required a transfer to the hospital That.
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