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Congratulations Shannon!!!
I wore panties, sports bra and a shirt while walking around the house. When birth was nearing and I was in the water, I kept my sports bra on.
cfiddlin ~ Enjoy your drive with your preceptor! Joyce ~ M&M was working for me just a few minutes ago. onlyboys ~ So do you have their personal info on the master list?
cfiddlin ~ Interesting to read your post. I'm actually dropping the MTB program and am going to do self-study along with my apprenticeship. My reasons are very similar to yours. Quote: I can't help but think that if I had one day a week to spend with my preceptor studying, learning, picking her brain it would be so much better. These have been my exact thoughts! I was leery of switching to self-study because I'm not sure I can prepare for NARM...
I love it!!!!! And ditto selling them! I would be interested in one as well. The woman you embroidered looks almost exactly like the necklace my preceptor gave me when I started my apprenticeship.
Thank you so much for this post!! As a newbie midwifery student, it's nice to know a little about what lies ahead. The NARM isn't like the SAT/ACT in high school where you commonly run into others who have taken it to get study tips. So it's nice to have this little discussion going so we know a little about the line of thinking to be prepared for. Best of luck to you momileigh!!!
Saw your thread and wanted to say I'm thinking of you!!! Hopefully this early/prodromal labor won't last much longer!
I wouldn't do it any other way. My first two were hospital land births. My last two were both home waterbirths. I can't imagine having a land birth after doing it in water. If you are considering it, I would at least have the option available. Better to have it ready than to be in labor and have a strong desire to be in water.
Did you like the training program? Not really. Teaching comes naturally to me so if I didn't want to become certified, I could have put together classes on my own without their training. Do you have freedom in how you teach your own classes? Yes. Where do you teach? What do you charge? Mostly privately. I've only had one group class so far and I use our church's office space (it's just like a retail-type space and it's the offices only). I charge $150 for 8...
Like I mentioned on another board I post at... Does it really surprise us? Of course ACOG doesn't want to support homebirth. If they admitted it was a safe alternative (in their eyes...of course we know it is), more ladies would consider it and take all that money away from the docs and hospitals. Since birth generates so much income for hospitals this isn't something ACOG will ever endorse.
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