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Quote: i was wondering what you ladies do at prenatals; like, what is your role? BP, pulse, leopolds, fht, fundal height, checking urine (well, we usually do the UA together). Towards the end of their pregnancy, if they are comfortable with it, VEs. My preceptor threw me right in and started teaching me as soon as I started apprenticing. I like having her double-check the leopolds and fundal height. Sometimes I have the hardest time finding...
Just a difference in definition/opinion. Kinda like how I hear people say sometimes, "Yeah, I homeschool. After [public] school I work with my kids on XYZ." To me, that's not homeschooling. And to me, a birth with a medical professional present (i.e. Kidman's RN mother) isn't an UC.
Put together a list and ask the mw when you see her. There are a few great births on You Tube. The Gentle Birth Choices DVD has a few good births on it.
I only know my pre-labor dilation with my last two. I walked around at 2-3cm for weeks. Babies grow so fast...enjoy the last couple of weeks of your pregnancy.
Quote: it's really the only method in the area that is REALLY geared for NCB. Everything else is either general hospital classes or hospital sponsored lamaze I teach NCB prep classes here in the Tulsa area for both hospital and homebirthing Mamas.
Yes, I agree that learning is a continuous process. I get overwhelmed by the thought of the information still out there for me to comprehend in order to sit for the NARM someday. I FINALLY got one of my book report books in the mail (our library didn't have it and I haven't had good experience with our ILL so I just bought this book) so I can get started on that now. We had a birth Friday afternoon that went great! She starts off the little baby storm this...
Quote: but do you think that a hospital would allow a RN and a psychologist to 'deliver' a baby at the hospital\? No. They would be somewhere else. You're missing my point. I think several of us here would agree that by having those people there, whether they are her parents or not, it would not be an UC.
Quote: mom is not a doctor either. But she's an RN. Sounds like a medical professional to me. *shrug*
Does anyone have a link to the recent homebirth safety study??
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