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We just moved to San Diego about a week ago from the SF Peninsula, and I'd love to meet up with anyone near us!  Right now we're in 4S Ranch and in about a month will be in Rancho Penasquitos. I've got 2 boys, 2.5 and 4.5.   Carey
Quote: This is awesome. It can stop a 3-yr old's temper tantrum and yours in about 2 seconds flat. When I've done this, my 16-mo and 3 yr old just grin, and climb on me and everyone giggles. It's such a nice way to reconnect.   I love this thread.   Carey
If you have an iPhone, this app is *awesome*, and cheap : http://www.tmsoft.com/iphone-whitenoise.html   It was perfect when we were traveling. You can set it to go as long as you want, or to just continuously run. And there are no annoying loops.
It doesn't totally stop it, but I empathize first..."You really want to watch another Caillou, huh? You wish you could watch another one. Do you keep asking because you hope I'll give you a different answer?" After a few tears, this usually calms my son down enough to say, "Yeah, I wish you had a different answer." and then I try to move us onto another fun activity.
Lydiah, how old is your DD? I started giving him some fish oil gummies a couple of days ago, so it's still too early to tell whether it's made a difference. I did find some very cool "calming fidget" toys here, so I'm going to give a couple of those a try too: www.therapyshoppe.com Carey
This is cross-posted in the Toddlers forum, but I thought maybe some of you might have an idea... I don't really think my 2.5 yo DS has SPD, but he does have a habit of picking little bumps on his face, causing them to bleed and scab, and then they just never go away because he'll keep picking. Most of the time his cheek is covered in homemade bandaids to try to prevent it, but he'll still rub at the bandaids. He picks primarily as he's going to sleep and as he's waking...
Wow Lelabeth, that's really interesting. He eats a vegetarian diet at this point and I don't think it can hurt to try to up the o-3's. He is certainly getting more o-6's, so the ratio isn't equal.
Sweet guy is 2.5 yrs old, and he's developed a habit of absentmindedly picking at little bumps on his face until they bleed and scab (rinse, repeat). He's usually got like 3 little homemade bandaids covering his booboos on his cheeks so that he can't get at them, but he'll even rub the bandaids in his sleep. As soon as we take the bandaids off, he picks at a new bump. And I can't keep his fingernails short enough. I know it must be a soothing habit, and he gets so sad and...
My son poops at pretty predictable times of the day. When we were first doing potty training, we made sure he had a naked bottom at those times. When he was wearing pants, he was way more comfortable pooping in them, and without them, he was totally willing to use the potty. I think it just became normal then to use the potty.
s This is such a hard time...I'm sorry your family is going through this right now. We said goodbye to our 14-yr old black lab a couple of months ago because a huge tumor in her leg gradually decreased her mobility to such an extent that she was just not having a good time anymore. She needed help getting up and down and could barely be convinced to go outside to do her business. And we could just tell, looking in her eyes, that she wasn't happy, and wasn't the same dog....
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