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I'm going to answer for both dh and myself, since we work opposite shifts and split the parenting duties:   DH, weekend SAHP: Greatest concern is balancing playtime and educational activities for the kids with keeping up the chores within the home. Greatest obstacle is lack of money to do all the fun, enriching things he would like to provide for our kids.   Me, weekday SAHP: Same as above, really, although I think I struggle with balancing personal time and kid...
Was it cytotec? Some docs/midwives give rectal cytotec rather than intramuscular pitocin. That's what I received with my newest baby, and it seemed to work just as well as the pitocin I was given for my pph with my first child. 
Yep. I was once a sahm, briefly a ft wohm, now a pt wohm. My work schedule allows me to only work nights and weekends and be home with my kids all week. Which is awesome in a lot of ways. I don't HAVE to send my 3yo to preschool. but he loves it and is a much happier boy since starting there. He loves the routine, and he learns a lot from being around kids his own age. He has special needs, and being around kids his own age has helped him progress more than anything else...
:eat: Mmmmm bacon & pickles... 
Sales = profit! Simple! Oh. Wait.
Mmm... These bacon dishes sound almost as good as Western Iowa Bacon Casserole, as presented by Matt and Trey. :
Pm'ed you.
Yes, I do find it a tad strange if this person is actually referring to life-saving medications like insulin and antibiotics as Black Magic. Insulin, for example, can do some pretty cool tricks for a child who is in the ICU for DKA. 
Re: the profit issue, especially.
Agreed, Dakotacakes.
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