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USAmma, she is such a beautiful young lady! I am so glad she is doing so dramatically better, but sorry to hear about Abi and your dh. It's so good to hear from you!
USAmma, she is gorgeous! : I'm so glad to hear that she is doing so well! I'm sorry about the Celiac, but I am happy that Abi and your dh have a diagnosis. Has going GF been the magic bullet to help them feel better?
I haven't posted in a very long time. I still come back and read occasionally and I think about many of us "oldies" often.   USAmma, I have actually been thinking of you and your daughters and wondering how N has been doing with her EE. That is what led me to come back here to have a look after so long. I hope you are all doing well!
Wow, long time no see! It's been forever! I remember you, my friend. This is the first time I've been here in at least a year and it's good to see a familiar face :love:   My boys are growing like weeds! I'm not 100% good with that. I'd like them to be littler, but I'm getting used to the idea.
I found that right around 18 mos there was an increased need for nursing with mine. An almost constant need with very little flexibility in terms of patience/waiting. refusal to sit down and nurse NOW! was met with screaming tantrums. It was exhausting. There is light at the end of the tunnel though! They grew out of it at around 22ish months.
Your body sequesters toxins in stored fat tissue. When you detox, you mobilize those toxins and they are no longer sequestered. Personally, I wouldn't deliberately detox while nursing. Since you have stored toxins in your fat already and these are being mobilized for milk production, you're already detoxing in a way. If you deliberately detox, you're increasing that toxin load for your baby. I would wait.
If she were my child I'd offer to let her try some milk in a cup. I don't think I would allow her to nurse directly from the breast. I don't necessarily think it is wrong, but I wouldn't be comfortable with it myself.
My favourite comments were when little ones asked which one made the chocolate milk or which one made apple juice :)
Hi Anna. I have been following this thread but haven't posted as yet. I wanted to tell you that I think that you have been amazing on this thread :. I also wanted to say (if it hasn't been said already) that there are several intestinal disorders that can cause extreme bloating after a meal and can also cause what seems to be insatiable hunger due to vitamin malabsorption. Things like IBS, Crohns/Colitis as well as Celiac can cause this. I hope things continue to...
I doubt it. Afterpains have to do with your body releasing oxytocin to help the uterus contract back to size. The more downsizing that needs to be done, the more hormone that is produced IIRC. Mine were worse with #2. Not horrific, but I had barely any with ds1.
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