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Google Street View caught me babywearing. I have a baby in a sling and a toddler on my shoulders. 
I saw several threads on cup feeding in the breastfeeding section but those are mostly about newborns and nipple confusion. I have a different issue and thought this section might be more useful.    My nine month old son has a cleft in his soft palate which will be repaired in about a month. We are not supposed to use a bottle or sippy with a spout or valve around the time of the surgery. I've been trying to teach him to cup feed but we are having a hard time.  I...
I pump exclusively for my baby. I take fenugreek. There is nothng wrong with my supply but it helps me optimize the time I do take for pumping. 
I'll try to be more careful with the bags.    I though I was back on track with supply. My breasts were a little achy from increased pumping but what I didn't realize was that there was a sore on the right one. I had to waste a couple oz on that side because it was bright pink. It doesn't help that everything I read about this includes how to correct latch.  Grrrrrrr. I've been trying to keep it clean, pump on the lowest setting, and use lots of lanolin.    I...
Hi all, My little guy is almost 4 months old and we are still EPing. He has a cleft in his soft palate so there is no "why don't you just nurse him". That said, no one told my little guy he couldn't nurse so we do a bit of comfort nursing before sleep. Occasionally he'll have a bit of milk in his mouth when we do this. My hope is that he'll be able to nurse after the cleft is repaired at 10 months.   Recently my supply took a nosedive. I think it was a perfect storm...
The dye I use isn't that different from my natural color but I really like the texture of my hair with dye. It feels thicker. The grey will still show a little. 
When DD1's adoption was finalized we had a "Welcome to the Village" Party. It was also our opportunity to thank those who helped us along the way. People seemed to get this. A few did bring gifts, clothes or adoption related books. i think kids will be excited about a party and won't care about the reason.
There might be wild yeast in your kitchen that would have worked but the mold spores found the tasty sugars in the juice first. 
Wrapping stuff in a tortilla is my favorite lunch. Sometimes I microwave an egg directly on to the tortilla.  Tortilla (whole wheat) + PB +bacon bits + banana ( I thought this was a pregnancy craving but I still eat them) Tortilla + PB + crasins   I use soy nut butter because of DD1's allergies but you get the idea.
I started back at the gym this week. The twitchy muscle on my back is so much better now.  I hadn't gained much weight and am currently under my pre-pregnany weight but how weird is it to have my jeans feel baggy and still have muffin top. Blech. 
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