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Thanks for your thoughts  :)   jmarroq, I particularly appreciate the perspective from a few more years down the road.  The reminder that their relationship can and will change over time, and that just because you're related doesn't mean you are always going to be friends!  I'll try to keep cool and keep the big picture in mind.  And continue to talk about accepting feelings while taking responsibility for one's actions.   mnj77, we did use that line of logic earlier...
Hi!   I'm hoping someone might have some insight for me on how to talk to my son (5) about his issues with his younger sister (2).  I've also just read Non-Violent Communication, so I'm trying to apply those ideas to my parenting.  If anyone has happened to read it, great, if not that's ok ....  Anyway, here's the situation:   DS says he doesn't like DD.  It's a general statement of fact that he'll repeat I'll guess about 1-2 times a week usually in the context of "I...
An interesting book on the subject is The Gender Trap by Emily W. Kane.  
what the hell is wrong with you? i tell you to let go of your sister so you grab her and stab her in the arm with a stick.  i'm offering to take the both of you to the pool for crying out loud.  and you run off.  can you listen to anything at all that I say today with out me having to yell it?  i should just save my breath - you don't do it anyway.  what happened to my sweet child and when can I get him back??  
I find that breastfeeding and trave/being away from homel go well together because eating and sleep times are invariably thrown off.  Being able to nurse while waiting for lunch or dinner to happen, or when your child is trying to nap and you're not in the best location ... all very helpful.  I'll add that nursing in a carrier is additionally fantastic for flexibility and mobility while traveling.   However, attitudes about nursing and my own comfortabliity with...
First at 28, second at 31  
Oh, I appreciate that! Hoorah for community  :)  
I love Barefoot books.  We love their Dance Stories collection, as well as the book/cd sets in Spanish of Juan y los frijoles magicos and El fandango de Lola.   As for being green in ways different from my growing up: - cloth diapers - EC - CSAs and local foods - living in town so we can walk and bike everywhere - freecycling
Yes, I would agree with what is generally being said here.  What I most appreciated about Adventures was the stories.  I really appreciated hearing other mom's stories, perspectives, experiences and decisions - just generally hearing about other people who did it.  But it wasn't something I referenced later on.  So, a nice read if you can find it, but not essential.  
Shut up.  just shut up and leave me alone.  i was getting a little frustrated with the puzzle, doing it for the 100th time after already doing it 600 times with your sister this morning, so i said i was going to walk away for ONE MINUTE because I needed to calm down.  but no.  one minute was entirely intolerable, apparently.  if your screaming wakes up your sister, i'm going to go crazy.  she hasn't napped all day.  why can't you let me be for ONE MINUTE!?  now i could...
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