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Hi Dlynn918!  Just wanted to sympathize about HB in CT - I had one there in 2008.  It's a mess.  Good midwives have to practice under constant tensions.
At this point DS doesn't fit behind the driver well - his legs and feet are too cramped.   I have no intention of using the infant seat outside of the car, so yes, I'm open to convertibles.  The Marathon technically could be used as an infant seat, it just doesn't seem very supportive to me, especially before the babe has good head control.  I would need to find a convertible that fits an infant well.   That said, thanks for the lead on the Combi Coccoro!  It...
In case anyone else tries to get some where by comparing the product dimensions listed for various car seats, I can tell you now it's useless.  Different websites list completely different dimensions for the same exact seat.  We're talking 2-4 inch differences in the measurements.  Aaaaahhh!
Hello!   I'm looking for some leads on small infant seats - if such a thing exists.  Here are the details:  I have a Saab 9-3, a 6'2 DH, and a 2.5yr old who is currently in a forward-facing Britax Marathon (definitely NOT a small seat).   Are there any seats that I might fit behind the driver's seat?  Or are we dreaming.  The other option is to move DS into the next level seat, one of the booster + 5-point harness (he does meet the requirements), and put an...
Hello!  Dropping in from the Sept DDC.  It sounds like you're looking for reassurance that you little one will be ok even if your thyroid levels aren't perfect all the time.  I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism during my first pregnancy, when I had the standard blood draw around 12-13 wks.  Started meds a couple weeks later, saw an endocrinologist at 17wks.... etc etc.  Anyway, my hypo is mild (I take 75mcg when not pregnant), and I am in no way recommending avoiding...
Hello.  I have a 2.5 yr old that we've ECed since a couple weeks old.  I'd say it sounds like you're doing great!  Personally, I found that the time when EC starts to overlap with traditional or early potty training a little stressful.  I had to keep reminding myself that EC is not a race to potty independence, just another way to keep my child clean and dry.  And 'progress' is just slow - and non-linear.  So I would say just keep on doing what you're doing and stay...
I think I took passion flower tincture at the end of my first pregnancy - 15 drops in water twice a day?  This is just all from memory, I'm not totally sure, but it worked great.  Recommended by my hbmw.  good luck!
My house is a mess, I make myself rest/sleep when DS naps, and after 3pm I generally spend as much time sitting or lying on the couch as I can.  If I get a good rest, I don't lose it in the afternoon, but I still don't get much done or have much energy for games.  Uff.  Hope I feel that second trimester energy!
I feel like a folate advertisement or something, but seriously the 'white' diet doesn't do it for me unless I just need quick calories.  My queasiness is most calmed by salads.  Raw veggies with salad dressing.  Cool, crunchy and vinagery.  Dark green leafy veggies are my best friend.  It's healthy, but it makes me laugh.  Who the heck takes salad dressing to calm their stomach?  Me when pregnant, apparently.  Same thing happened last time.
How about you make an appt to get to know the second midwife?  Does she do 'interview' appts?  Seems like that might help you make the decision.  I think it's ok to consider finances in your decision, and it's not as if you're considering a model of care or person you outright dislike purely due to finances.  It's great that you have two good options  :) Good luck!
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