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Just had an appt with my ND and she switched me back to the Thorne Lab prenatals, plus Cal Apatite calcium supplements.  Her reasons are that capsules are easier for your body to break down than tablets, the vitamin B levels are higher in the Thorne Labs one, and this particular formulation of calcium (MCHC) is the most easily absorbed.  So there you have it.  It comes out to the same number of pills as I was taking with the Rainbow Light anyway.
Me too!  I can fall asleep and get a couple hours in ... but then I just wake up.  The slightest thing disturbs my sleep, and however much I feel like sleeping and however little energy I have to move or do anything, I'm awake. geesh!  at least I'm still comfortable in bed!
I'm taking the rainbow light mulit+daily prenatals - they were on sale  :) I started taking Thorne Labs prenatals when TTC, but wanted to switch to one with more calcium.
I'm nursing my 2.5 yr old DS - several times a day and a couple times a night.  My nipples are pretty sore, but I'm coping so far.   Not sure if he'll wean during this pregnancy or not - I'm open to either possibility.  I'm also proud of myself for not weaning in order to get pregnant.  I felt some pressure to do that, but it wasn't right for me and I stuck with it.
This is so me.  I'm definitely doing more apologizing to my LO these days.  I hope things smooth out when my hormones do.  Somehow as soon as I'm pregnant my dh finds amazing reserves of patience and kindness, but I hate to snap at him.
  Hello! For some reason, I couldn't find this DDC for the longest time ...  Anyway, I can hardly believe I'm posting.  It doesn't feel real yet.   * Name: (whatever you would like to be called or like us to know) Maggie * EDD: mid September * Age: 30 * Location: VT * How long it took to you to get your BFP: 4 cycles * What number child is this for you: 2 * Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): Dh and DS 2.5 * Birth plans/preferences:  Second...
hello - I was diagnosed with hypothyroid during my first pregnancy.  it's not clear where it comes from (no hashimoto antibodies, and no particular illness that I can recall), and I had few symptoms. just fatigue.  anyway, no trouble TTC: BFP on cycle 2.  I'm now on the generic of synthroid.  As others have mentioned, i've also heard that armour is harder to regulate (dose may vary by batch?), but that if you have trouble converting T4 to T3 it can be helpful.  We just...
I think we're about there right now!  DS is 2.5 and nights when he sleeps through til morning or until within about an hour of when the alarm goes off without nursing are no longer a rare gift.  Just a couple of months ago I was wondering how we were ever going to get there from here - KWIM?  He transitioned to a bed in our room in August because we felt crowded, but then he'd wake up to nurse and not want to come to our bed.  Actually having to get out of bed a couple...
Way to go  :)
Hello - One of your worries seems to be that if you allow your baby to eat solids, weaning will happen faster than you want.  I'm all for EBF and am nursing a 2.5yr old, but I want to say that solids are ok.  Just continue to nurse on cue and I think you'll be fine.  I don't think your baby /needs/ solids, but i also think it's ok to let a baby start experiencing other foods.  It's all a question of how you do it.   Second:  My LO tested low for iron at the...
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