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Maybe you can focus on expanding your LO's circle of friends/adding in more opportunities for socialization. At least then you might see this family less often.
Hi, I'm 30, my LO is 23 months, and I also have controlled hypothyroid. I had one period at 22 months so far. There's a thread over in Family Planning (Fertility) I think re women who are waiting for menses to return - it's longer that 12months for plenty of women, although 22+months does seem to be on the long side. I think it's normal for periods to be irregular for a little while before your body re-establishes fertility. Also check out kellymom.com for stats on...
Thanks for the link!
how about a fitted cloth diaper with no cover? they're essentially the same as a training pant and come in small sizes.
Yup, we had a lead test at 12months too. It can be done either as a finger stick or a regular needle draw at the elbow, like for adults. I would definitely recommend the finger stick, even though it takes a little while. If your baby is unhappy and struggling, there is no sharp object to content with that could potentially do them further harm as they wiggle. We've had to do a couple of blood test for various reasons - sometimes it's a big deal, sometimes it's not.
Hi, my DS is about the same age, and we've been supplementing with iron for almost a year. (He was testing around 10 or 11). It took a few different types of iron before we found one that worked, so don't be discouraged if the first supplement is not effective (I sure was!). Ferric ammonium citrate (intergrative therapeutics, inc liquid iron with folic acid and b12) is working for us - yay! 10mg, which with this product is half a teaspoon. Good luck!
Sometimes just coming back to it a few minutes later helps. Or (again after a short break) just walking up with a shirt/jacket/pants/etc and gently initiating dressing without asking questions about it.
It might help to take pictures of her favorite things/places/people and print them out. Has she been where you're moving to? Pictures/stories about what it will be like living there might be helpful too.
Here's my two cents: - try looking at it from his perspective -he can probably understand things like "hot", "fragile", "not yours", etc BUT if it's right there in front of him I don't think at that age they have the skills yet to hold that prohibition in mind and turn away to find something else to do, or curb their desire -if you have to say no, briefly explain why (even if he doesn't get it now, he will as he gets older) - if he's frustrated, address the frustration...
Yup, we've been there. (I don't remember if it was every meal every time, but i do recall poops during meals) Their patterns do change. I don't know all the details, but that connection between eating and pooping is the gastro-colic reflex and we all have it. At least it sounds like you're catching them? Mid-meal pees were a challenge to catch for a long time.
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