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I agree with the PPs that it seems totally irrational to take a way a food source if the concern is weight gain. I would focus on good nutrition for both her and yourself, and have good food choices available but not push it. Everyone's growth is different - she won't starve herself.
Hi, big-boobed gal here. DS always leaves tooth indentations, but I don't find them uncomfortable. However, whenever he's teething (no matter where the tooth is) I usually find nursing to be uncomfortable - luckly it doesn't usually last more than a week.
Quote: Originally Posted by Katielady Once I was driving to the grocery store on Thanksgiving Eve, which is apparently the biggest road rage day of the year. NPR was doing a story on that, and a shrink said that studies have shown that when you tell a story about something that made you angry, that it doesn't actually make you feel better but instead makes you relive the experience all over again. So say someone cuts you off and almost makes you crash,...
Ok, this may be a little weird, but what really helped me was remembering that screaming can be really important survival/self-defense skill both for children and adults. Girls in our culture are particularly not encouraged to be loud and vocal about disagreement, but screaming can save one from potentially ugly and unpleasant situations. On a more practical level, if the root is anger or frustration, can you preempt it? See her getting frustrated and help first? ...
My loving DH just tried to put my 20 month old to bed, and he cried so hard he puked up his entire dinner (on me).
Hello, I'm looking for ideas to help my 20mth old interact in a playgroup. Today I felt like I spent the whole time telling him not to take toys from other kids and then having to take the toy from him. I feel like I'm modeling the behavior that I want him to avoid .... but on the other hand negotiating out with just words takes so long that the other kid generally loses interest and my LO just ends up with the toy - I'm not sure I like that lesson.... anyone have...
DS has mine name because although mine is long and I'm not particularly attached to it, DPs is longer and already hyphenated. Choosing an altogther new name would be my next choice, but choosing is hard. Oddly enough, the people most bothered are DP's maternal family - the ones whose name wouldn't be in the mix at all if we followed the tradition they're pushing!
I'm at 20m PP, breastfeeding, hoping to TTC in the fall... wishing for some sign of fertility.... its so weird not to have had cycles for so long. I had no idea.
Hi! My 20 month old is in a gymnastics class like that and is exactly the same. It's supposed to be fun for her, right? I won't worry about it at all. She'll still learn to do all those "more disciplined" behaviors at the right time. And it doesn't sound like she's causing a huge disruption or anything.
NJKim, I just wanted to say I'm right where you are, minus the cramps. DS is 19 months, and while I'm not ready to start on #2 yet I have this irrational fear that my cycles will never return!
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