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My 18 month old niece is allergic to soy and dairy. My sister started out giving her rice milk. Lately she has been giving her half rice milk and half goats milk mixed together.
I loved your birth story. The flashlight part made LOL. Your daughter will have a great story to tell when she grows up.
Thanks for sharing your birth story with us.
That is awesome! Thanks for sharing your story.
Thanks for sharing your story. Congratulations! He's a cutie!
Such a sweet story. You did amazing! Congratulations!
I have a tilted uterus and my cervix sits sideways and low. I've successfully used the Diva Cup without a problem. I did trim the stem a little, just not enough to void the warranty. I've heard the instead cups are a nightmare to remove so I never even tried them.
I had heard about women being scorned about co-sleeping in the hospital so I was nervous when I had dd in bed with me when the nurse came in to check on us. She actually praised me for having the baby in bed with me. I delivered at the same hospital with all three of my children and was impressed at how easy going they were about stuff.
I had the same thing happen after my third babies birth. I know I didn't have this many stretchmarks while pregnant yet there they are. I swear my linea negra didn't show up until after his birth either, and it was there for several months afterwards. I don't remember having it with the other kids. Weird!
I just can't bring myself to try it. I have weird issues about drinking stuff anyway.
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