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I cannot help with size, but we love our side aplix. We seem to always be able to get a good fit.
Whoa wait a minute. Did she stock?? I have been sitting here refreshing for the last 3 hours and my page still says something about the st patty's day diapers. I am confused. I will be so bummed if I missed it
Quote: Quote: Originally Posted by firstlovesnbaby Yes the diaper photos are made in photoshop. This way I can show a diaper in all of the fabrics I have (over 64) without making one of every fabric I add. I am a bit of a fabric shopper and tend to add new fabrics every week or 2 so this saves alot of time. They are made to order so if you want side aplix it will be a tad different from the picture, kwim? Hope that is not to confusing. If you have any...
My guess is everyone is thinking spring??
Oh my goodness, that is precious
We love ours. That is what he wears most of the time when we are at home! They work awesome for nighttime also!!
I do have to say Janettes are awesome!! She is great to work with too!
Congratulations mama, she is beautiful
ooh, when are you thinking of doing it. I am probably going to be in Spokane at the end of the month! I would love to come. Our stash has become pretty plain and simple but I am always up for meeting like minded mamas
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