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Apparently I figured out my long forgotten password. Okay, let's try this again...
I NEEDED twice baked potatoes last night. This was my first craving, I think, and my husband was SO EXCITED by it that he made a TON of them... like 6 potatoes worth. When I asked him why he made so many he told me that I could have them all day tomorrow too! Too bad now, of course, they sound awful.   I also had to have garlic bread with them... the CRISPY kind, as I told my husband. I almost ended up in tears when it was too SOFT the first time, LOL.
DSD is 7, and showers nightly. She does not have a problem washing her hair, conditioning it, and washing her body. As the water is warming up, she picks out pajamas and clean underwear and puts them on her toilet to put on after her shower. When she is done showering, she picks out her outfit for the next day and cleans up her room for the day. She does all of this with the prompt of, "Time to go take your shower." Sometimes she chooses a bath, where she still washes...
New Posts  All Forums: