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DH was "Daddee" SO is "Pap" or "Pabi"
I think its cute but i guess that's not the whole costume, i mean something has to be missing? My DD does Irish Jig, so the costumes are not revealing and it's a beautiful dance
I'm still nervous around teens, i thought i was the only one. DD has been having trouble with another girl in her class, she's 5. But SO is a 5th grade teacher in the school DD attends and SO is always watching over her, though i know that will not be forever, DD stand up for herself too, in a meeting my DD's homeroom teacher told me that DD told the girl "You're the one who's weird and disgusting becuase you judge people for what they like and their physical appearance,...
: Even though i don't know if this belongs here. From June 30 to July 25 this year! I've never been out of Europe or overseas, so i'm very excited about this! Talk to me about breasfeeding in public in America Also what do you reccomend us to go first, they're to option Dublin - New York, Dublin - Orlando. I've thought about New York, becuase they're about 6 or 5 plane hours, should we rent a car getting there to visit other states or just take buses. Thanks and...
Quote: Originally Posted by MayBaby2007 And the mother with the boy probably thought exactly that--it was wrong and shameful for her son to see a naked female and/or for the female to be stripped infront of a male like an animal. I think it's wrong and shameful...and IM(unworthy)O, the OP should've had more respect for her daughter to not strip her infront of A) A stranger and B)someone of the opposite sex (who was also a stranger). That just goes back...
I can't be the only one seriously I was bullied from Primary to the 1st year of High School, changin schools never helped, the principal never helped, the teachers never helped, it eventually stopped when i moved to Ireland i like to think that maybe i was not liked in Madrid I was bullied becuase of everything i did practically, my peers thought that everything i did was funny, stupid, not normal, ghetto or those kind of things. So, i can't be the only one as i...
Quote: Originally Posted by A&A That's totally different. You live with your dh full time. He's yours now more than he is hers. If you say so
I have two MILS, DH's(who passed away) mum and my So's mum, they both give me a card a gift and bake a cake between the two. I love those two lovely ladies Also, i don't see the problems of MIL thanking for my kids, they're hers too, you're overreacting but mind you, i'm extremly close to my inlaws.
We have 2, DD1 is turning 6 in June and DD2 is 5 months, we want to have 2 more.
20 and 25
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