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Umm, the free one that the insurance company sent me. It's kinda cute, with pictures from Colorado. A few too many cowboys for my taste, perhaps, but it is hard to take a bad picture of Colorado.
My favorite is a local office whose sign during the day reads, "Armed Forces Recruiting Center". Some of the lights are burnt out though, so at night it reads, "Armed Recruiting".
$120/month is a pitifully small amount of child support. You are devoting what, 99% of your income to raising this child and he is contributing MAYBE 7% of his income? The only game you are playing is real life. It takes money to raise children in our society. Providing money for children you help create is a fact of life. I get so incredibly angry at the attitude that expecting financial support is "playing games" or manipulative or vindictive or anything other than...
I know that I have at least two or three that have never been used that I will not realistically ever use. PM me and I'll send them to you.
How about a baking set? Apron and chef's hat are easy to make (judging by the sewing machine in your sig). Add a set of measuring cups, mixing bowl, wooden spoons, whisk, maybe some little baking tins, maybe some boxed mixes. My daughter is seven and would love this. A doll sling. Potholder loom - my daughter really wanted this, but doesn't have the patience for it. Fleece or felt sets that she can sew into hats, scarves - all my kids are getting these this...
First grade class Halloween party tomorrow - the game is you can eat a grape, maybe peeled, maybe in jello, and we call them eyeballs and you get a sticker that says something like "I ate an eyeball!" or "I'm an eyeball eater!". Is this too gross, graphic for six and seven year olds? My kids like it, but I don't want to offend any kids or parents. I have a lot of other games, but am open to ideas that I could put together last minute, too.
I liked this part Quote: "There are customs from a hundred years ago that are not relevant today for Africans. Our challenge is to pick the good from the bad," said Carol Mandi, managing editor of EVE, an East African women's magazine. "But carrying on your back, well, that is just a wonderful custom that keeps the baby emotionally stable and lets the mother feel bonded. We can't stop being African women just because we are suddenly thrust into the modern world....
My 8 month old gets scared of any loud appliance if I am not holding him. He's in the sling while I vacuum, use the mixer or blender. When it isn't running though, he's obsesse with the vacuum cleaner!
I am hypoglycemic and that sounds very much like what happens to me when I go too long without eating. Toddlers' metabolisms can be so fast, though, that I wouldn't jump to that conclusion. I believe that many people who are not clinically hypoglycemic are still very sensitive to low blood sugar.
I wanted to share my experience with you, but at first immediately dismissed the urge. Reading the other stories has given me the courage to be able to tell you that I have had an abortion. I feel incredibly guilty about. I hate that I did it. I was very sure in my decision at the time, but by the time the baby would have been born I knew what a mistake I had made. I'm not going to say don't do it, or that you would regret it as much as I do, but I will ask you to...
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