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From the local doula board, I asked if I could repost it. "Mom is at 35 weeks and can't keep anything down..what can she do? Same mom is having episodes of very high blood pressure, but by the time she gets to the hospital, it's normal and baby is fine. It's being chalked up to "white coat" hypertension. She knows it's starting because she gets very hot and light-headed. She also has rib pain and sees gold flashes. Any thoughts?"
Yes! Thanks so much, that explains it Hopefully they'll be back soon!
I'm beginning to assess what we're going to do next fall, and had my heart set on getting the electronic version of Enki - but it doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere on the site anymore. Did they remove the option?
I did. It wasn't planned though - and when she started coming, I knew the water wouldn't be deep enough (has to be deep enough that baby's not touching air and warm enough they don't startle), so I had to yell for dh to drain the tub (I had just started running it when I heard myself start pushing, my labour was very fast) Still, birthing in a dry tub was nice because the cleanup was minimal. A little hard to get out of afterwards, though
I change every time they pee and/or poop. I check frequently. This is not something I would let my child choose.
wouldn't religion (Christianity) have been a motivator? (serious question here, evangelism requires that one goes out to convert, right?)
s'pose you're gone, but just wanted to throw out a thought . . . a couple years ago, I started feeling "kicks" . . . knew darn well I wasn't pregnant, went to my energy healer . . . I was "pregnant" with fear - storing them in my abdomen. She used Chi Ne Tsang to remove the energy (with boji stones) . . . I'm not saying this is your situation, but not every "pregnancy" the universe sends out is a child . . . the universe often speaks in metaphor and our interpretation...
busier? . . . or crunchier ?
Have you considered hypnobirthing to get past your fears? I had a precipitous birth with #2 and was absolutely terrified of giving birth after that - I panicked and froze when I found out I was pg with #3. HypnoBirthing helped me get through that and I had a wonderful (even faster) birth experience with #3.
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