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would love to see before and after pics!
what kind of job if you don't mind me asking? my only experience with Guadalajara was driving through...
https://sites.google.com/site/desertoasisbuckeye/AboutUs   i haven't tried anything from them yet but it seems like it might be close to you.   another farm you might try is farmer goose, they are located in tolleson i believe.
it's a neat little school. we homeschool but attend their festivals/fundraisers and always have a great time.
pm me mama!
  lol, great minds, i just skimmed the thread and didn't see your post.
  this exactly! also i'd always pick lower miles (unless it was a total lemon or something)
i just have to say my dd loves the little movies kids make with littlest pet shop on youtube. :)
how is your dd doing op?
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