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Co-worker or not..she over stepped and id let her know where her place should be!
I am currently nursing my 3 yr old..so i understand where your at as i dont see him being done anyttime soon.. but 4 is about the avg limit..I think even in other countrys 5 yrs old is usually the longest they nurse maybe its just natures way of saying its time.....its hard but has to eventually happen to every one I know that part of me isnt looking forward to him weaning but he cant nurse for ever..
I dont think it should matter & if it did I'd find a new dentist
Family and holistic docs are usually more open minded and some dont vaccinate As far as hubby you need to educate him..let him read web sites www.nvic.org www.myspace.com/vaccinefacts www.thinktwice.com Think twice also has section with state by state orgs that have a hot line number you can call and speak to some one that will give you non-biased vaccine info also a great book is The Vaccine Safety Manuel they just came out with a 2010 edition you can buy on...
sorry to hear this happened You know honestly what ever her reason..It really doesnt matter..I know her hubby is your hubbys VP..& you must keep from tearing her a new one ..but that doesnt mean you must try and stay friends with her..If she is treating you like this and especially your child...Your family in general deserve better...She isnt worth you being upset over...like they say plenty of fish in the sea thats not just for men thats for friends too
my dd had issues as well..but thats because she was more of a visual learner..if its not on tv or a computer screen it can be very aggervating for her to learn it...last yr we switched to Time4Learning since then her reading has improved tremendously she is only 8 but just now able to sound out small books..she couldnt do that prior hth
Sorry to hear that....and i hate to hear that your peds is so narrow minded he would refuse you based off vaccination statues IMO that should be considered discrimination! as far as a dr...you dont have to go to a peds...we personally have a family doc who we love that doesnt vaccinate in her office holistic docs are also a good option... I posted a thread about about state vaccine organisations...check it out ,contact your local non vaccinating group they may have some...
Every one can obtain a exemption ... www.myspace.com/vaccinefacts has a blog on exemptions also www.vaccinerights.com has info as well hth
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