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Basically the difference is in the preparation.  Cell salts are triturated up to 6x to have the material remain.  Remedies at best are generally triturated up to 3x and then diluted and succussed after that.  They are more energetic, while the salts are more material.   There are liquid forms of salts that are sugar free-I'm not sure how many are sold to the public actually.  Terra Vitae always were though.
I always say start with 6x regardless.  You can move up when and if they become less effective at that potency.   You can take silica along with kali sulph, but for these purposes  you want to do 6x-why can't you get it shipped?   Calc fluor-I'd say at least 6 weeks every time you have an incidence.  This should reduce the number of incidences and severity over time.  I tend to use Calc Fluor, Kali Phos, Ferr Phos and Kali Mur for piles for what it's worth.
hi there.  the difference is very technical and most homeopaths couldn't tell you either if it makes you feel any better.  I addressed it earlier in the thread so you can read back if you like, or I can repost.  I don't have any time on my hands tonight and will try to get to it tomorrow.
I'd normally (for bronchitis) do a combo of several salts plus a remedy.  The salts I'd combine are: Ferr Phos, Kali Mur, Mag Phos, Nat Mur and Nat Sulph
okay.  my kids have had chiropractic care from birth.  They go about once a month-more if necessary (injury, illness etc.)  I had them each in within a few days of birth-my youngest went the day he was born. I LOVE chiropractic for kids.  I'm just saying that a chiropractor, as awesome as they are, are NOT primary care providers.  I would not treat them as such.
I don't think a chiropractor is an alternative to pediatrician.  I am firmly in the camp of them being supplemental (but necessary!)
carrying extra weight is a common presentation of hypothryoidism, but not the only one.
My dentist confirmed as did my kid's dentist (two separate guys.)   There is lactose or sucrose in the salts, but that does not bother me.  I also put them in water so you don't get a huge "sugar taste."  But you can get them in alcohol rather than sugar.  
nabothian cyst.
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