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Sounds like you have solved your mystery! Congrats, mama!
Jcent, if you have access to it I LOVE coconut milk yogurt.  If the only dairy she's actually getting is yogurt I'd probably just take it out of the equation for now.  That's a super quick swap and the coconut yogurt is seriously tasty.  The vanilla tastes like cake batter.    You may be able to add dairy back in with no problem at all, but for now I'd give it a few weeks with none since she's really not getting much at all.
hey there.  can you elaborate as to why you don't think it's related?  exposures tend to throw our bodies out of whack for awhile, and the results are often cumulative.
gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, peanut, shellfish, tree nut, fish.   depending on where you look citrus and chocolate can also make the list.  This is for the US.
gluten, dairy and soy are all quite similar in that regard.  I can do dairy, but no one else in my family can (horrible stomach pain even from hard cheese which *should* be safer.)  It's quite true that a high percentage of people with gluten intolerance let alone celiac disease can't do dairy or soy.  They tend to be cross reactive.   Jcent, I fully support you seeing a ped.  I just think a simple blood test now, with gluten still in her system would be super...
Jcent....is your GP licensed?  even if it's out of range of expertise (not sure what that means exactly-I guess that she doesn't often test for it?)  all it is is a standard blood test to start.  She can certainly order it if she has privileges.  Yes, she may not feel qualified to interpret it, and that's fine.  But doing the draw sooner rather than later is a good move.  She can forward results to the ped.   Now, I will say that right now it feels important to get...
Hey there, mama.  First off, welcome.  Secondly, I'm so sorry you're dealing with this.   My dd was the first in our family to be diagnosed with celiac.  I was diagnosed at the same time, dh a few years later and my other two as a result.  So yeah.  I'm familiar.  Dd was about 15 pounds at a year with no real interest in food-she just wanted to nurse and was looking worse by the day.  She was officially diagnosed as FTT before the testing for celiac began.   It...
You can PM me if you need it.  I can have it shipped to you.
depends on how old the nursling is.  I say under 2 and I would wait.  no need to risk your supply at that stage.  There are, after all a minimum of 23 days of calorie restriction.
for those it works well for, it works.  I'd just say (for any diet plan) to make sure you're evaluating along the way and if you see or feel concerning things to pay attention to them.  There's been a good number of people here that have tried it and been really miserable and had declining health.  The appropriate thing to do in that situation is to change course.   Yes the lifetime plan has a bit more fat and protein, but again-not everyone will thrive on that. ...
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