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Clay.  honestly, it's my fave for things like this.  Baking soda or mud will work too...but I tend to go for clay.  I make a poultice-a thick one and spread it on.  If possible I saran wrap it to keep moisture in, let it sit for an hour or so and wash off.  depending on symptoms/severity I'll do it a few times a day.  It's really helpful in drawing out the junk.   I would personally probably do high-ish doses of vitamin C too.  Just to deal with any histamine...
not all clay is created equal, so know your source.  Not all can be ingested.   I take 1-2 T. a day of dry clay (well, I hydrate it-duh) but yeah.  A good amount.   I used clay and we had verified metal issues in our family (we had environmental exposure apparently as all the profiles were the same.)  Anyway, clay was one of the therapeutic tools and aluminum levels came down.  I used (and still use) pascalite.
it doesn't add anything.  however it does remove a whole bunch of junk.  it's a way to manage excess crap in the system, return to homeostasis etc.  doing so allows nutrients from foods to be more easily assimilated.  pathogens out, good stuff in.
did you see a tick?    you're not treating a rash, a rash is a symptoms of an infection in that case.  as in, if you see a rash it's rather likely she has lyme.  abx are your friend.    
the thing to understand is that clay is essentially adaptogenic.  so some people will feel better taking clay with food, others away from it.  the only way to know how you're going to respond is to do both for a week or so and feel the difference.
OMG I'm so sorry.  I had a terribly negligent CPM as well.  I did not have the awful outcome that you did but it hurt like hell because she was supposed to be a "good guy."  I also find it disgusting that people can't talk freely about their experiences.    
I tend to do clay on an empty stomach.
hmmm, the problem comes in when things are cited as research that have no real basis and are touted as equally valid as peer reviewed papers when it comes to honest to goodness medical issues.  Someone's pet theory should not carry as much weight as things that have clear and reproducible results no matter how much it's regurgitated all over the web. the issue can be that boards can (and do) normalize fringe thinking which can lead to dangerous situations.  If you were...
Dh is finally going in.  we struggled with the decision-not because we thought we wanted more....but because we weren't certain that surgery was the way to go.  we decided it is.  My youngest is 5!  Thing is I've never once had baby lust so it was clear for me.  Even holding my sisters kids-jeez I was at my nephew's birth and was the first one to hold him.  I love that kid, but he doesn't make me want more!   Good luck.  It's a tough decision, and one you should be...
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