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I remember a few years ago when the magazine was roasted for not having anybody but white folk on the pages. Oh, the outrage. Looks like they are doing the politically correct thing again, acting socially aware but only on the surface and to appease those with voices.
All of you are being had.
Maybe if you were as forthcoming here as you are at other sites, people would feel differently, mags.
Thanks SC NDP, oh ya!
Don't foget to VOTE tomoorrow! Don't let Stephen Harper become our next Prim. Minister!!
I think people's own guilt and defensiveness comes into play, so far as parenting goes anyway. Consider reactions about bf'ing or co-sleeping. I always get the feeling of people having to vilify their pareting choices when they are confronted with others that are more crunchy than them.
She is a trainwreck!
You just linked to a password protect page.
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New Posts  All Forums: