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We spend $150/week. Starting THIS week, I will be able to bump it up to $200/week, but that will be used to buy meat and stock up with. I do budget meals to make it work, and my dh does not really care for eggs and beans either, and I always buy chicken in bulk...we use a lot of chicken around here. Spaghetti-Ground beef cooked up with onions and garlic, put into sauce, and use ground sausage and make mini meatballs to put into sauce. I usually use 1 1/2 lbs of...
What is your monthly food budget? $750/month How many people are you feeding? 6-2 adults, 4 kids, and I sometimes babysit Do you meal plan for dinners? Yes. Every Thursday I start for the next week (dh gets paid on Fridays and I usually go on Saturdays to the store). What about breakfast or lunches? Yes....I try to do cereal about 1-2 a week (only because it is so darn expensive!) Any special dietary needs, i.e. GF, DF, Organic, no soy, etc? Nope Where do...
Dh has worked nights for years now (I think we are coming up on 6 years), and this is the schedule that works perfectly for us: 8:00pm-Wake Dh up, start getting the kids into bed, etc. 8:45-9:00pm-Dh says good night and tuck the kids into bed, leaves for work 7:00am-Dh gets home, wakes me up 8:00am-Wake the kids up, start breakfast, etc. 9:00amish-Start homeschool 12noon-Dh goes to bed
Me, almost all of it. I have noticed over time that the small things dh used to do has been falling to my lap. Clogged toliet...I am now doing that (where is used to do it for me), hanging picture frames...they are now hanging at an angle thanks to me doing them. The only thing dh does is change the oil and gas the car up, but he is a mechanic so those things shouldn't be that hard, lol. I'd say dh has a pretty sweet deal. But I also can not handle being...
I have done all of the above, and I am just laughing my butt off at all of them. When my boys were younger (they are 17 months apart), they were in constant competition, especially when it came to who had the biggest poop. It got to the point of us pulling the ruler out to try and mesure them sometimes...and keeping a tally of it, lol : They are 8 and almost 7 now and they STILL want to measure whose poop is the biggest, lol...it never ends.
http://familysleeper.com/ I wanted to get one with ds, but we never got around to it...heck, lol, I still want to get one!
So far this season is much better then the recent ones where the cast does nothing but get drunk, hook up with each other, etc. I have been waiting for them to get back to their roots so to speak. There is a forum where the cast members from this season post on, Katelynn, Scott, Devyn and I think that is it. They give out some great background info that makes me look at the show with differnet eyes now, especially about stuff with this seasons trouble maker, JD. I...
OMG...who else watched the reunion??? I can NOT believe Tamara and her attitude with Gretchen...I am just speechless. She could have left that little diddy out about why she believes she is hired help (which I do not believe), but even if she was....WHO CARES!! Talk about insecure. And she really needs to lay off that botox.
I agree with LadyCatherine...it is kinda young to be going away overnight. You guys have a really good night routine going on right now, I wouldn't want to mess with a good thing. Yay though that she sleeps through the night with only one waking!!! I am jealous, lol. Ds is up 4-10 times a night!
Pat...thank you, thank you, thank you for those links!! Ds does have that same v shape of his teeth...it is actually a bit more severe then in the pictures of the first link you posted. I am reading the tongue tied thread right now! :
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