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I haven't seen tonights episode yet either, but I just have to agree...if the old fridge had all that old mold in it, then yeah, I would have bought a new one as well.
#5-Change Of Heart by Jodi Picoult I really enjoyed this book. I have vaguely heard of the Gnostic Gospels in the past and this book has piqued my intrest in them now. I am trying to read Revolutionary Road, but I just can't get into it. I'm going to try again tonight though.
Quote: Originally Posted by cathe Well - I didn't care for the present story as much as the story of the little girl which was only a small part of the book. It was okay. I perfered that part of the book as well. The parts with the American journalist was nowhere near as intriguing as the rest of it.
Count me in as another one who got their fridge cleaned!
On Tuesday I started my 2nd ppaf, and apart from the cramps I had been feeling pretty good. Yesterday my flow was reallly heavy, changing my pad about every 2ish hours and still leaking through to my clothes ( sorry about tmi). Today I woke up today with what feels like all over body ache...almost like the growing pains kids get, but in my entire body. My head is killllllling me, and I just feel like I am in this fog that I can't get out of. I took a nap with the...
Quote: Originally Posted by AngelBee Here is a free program K-6 http://www.sfreading.com/resources/ghb.html That looks great!! Thank you!
Quote: Originally Posted by mich Gromero, thanks for the typing link. I have been meaning to find some typing for the kids. Are you happy with it? Free is nice. It's a really good basic starter program. It gets them used to the home keys, helps them memorize where the letters are on the key board, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by becoming 7. Plain Truth - Jodi Picoult Loved, loved, loved this book. I was very moved by it from beginning to end. No part of it was a disappointment. Highly recommended. Triple ditto that. I loved the book as well.
My ds is in first grade and this is what we are working on: Math (I use workbooks I have bought at Barnes and Noble for that, and several websites online like homeschoomath.net that I use to make worksheets for him). Right now he is adding doubt digits with carryovers and getting ready to do subtraction with double digits with carryovers soon. We spend maybe 15-20 mins a day on math, but we also do math games some days. Language Arts: We are doing the Dolch words...
I love 7 For All Man Kind, True Religion and Lucky. I am 5'3 with toothpicks for legs and am negative in the booty area. I find that other brand of jeans usually are too wide in the legs, hip and butt area, and too long. I perfer low rise as well.
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