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Hey!! There is another thread a few pages back- I think I was all "Ra ra ra!! Let's keep this thread alive!" and then promptly forgot all about it So, I'll go again: we are having a language EXPLOSION over here, anyone else? We tried to count how many words he has; we read somewhere that "normal" is between 10 and 50? Anyway, we lost track! He is a chattering little monkey. We are slowly introducing the potty. He asks to sit on it sometimes but has yet to pee or...
Hmmm great thread! Muesli with ice cold full fat milk Fruit Yoghurt Spelt bread Cooked Ham Cream cheese with chives Chocolate Nesquick Hamburgers (homemade; organic) Ruffles Chips Pickles! (what a cliche right?) Tuna Mayo Hummus Edited to add: I split a full sugar, NON caffeine-free coke with my husband every evening (sometimes I even GASP have a whole one to myself!)
I'm here!! EDD Aug 26...I'm excited/nervous/excited/nervous and so on. Everything's looking great here too. Baby is head-down and ready to go! I got to 4.5cm last time before labour stalled so I have SOME kind of idea what contractions feel like, but as MANY seasoned birthers love to tell me , it's the 7-10cm contractions that are the killers so...eeek
I was just thinking the same thing yesterday! I had it quite noticably with my first, but I don't really have it at ALL this time? I mean, maybe if you tilt your head this way and squint really hard.... I would be interested if anyone knew why this happens? Is it just random?
Ouch!! Sorry Mama, hope you feel some relief soon. Have you tried alternatively icing/applying heat? I think this promotes fast healing? I have also been rather clumsy of late; I keep banging, stubbing, tripping and knocking things over, and *almost* fell flat on my face after tripping over DS's giant toy TRACTOR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE KITCHEN FLOOR IN THE PITCH BLACKNESS the other day. I was seriously p-d off and it HURT.
I also just got my first box of RRL tea yesterday. (Yogi brand) So, you ladies that steep it overnight, do you then drink it as iced tea, or heat it up the next day? Do you sweeten it with anything? How much shoud I drink per day? I am due in around 5 weeks time- is it too late to be beneficial for me? TIA
Yes!! My belly has a nose. I normally have quite a deep innie too, and it didn't pop out this much with my last pregnancy so I'm very amused. So is my 19 month old son- he actually dug his pointy little finger into it yesterday and said "nose?" - in the elevator-with about 5 other people in there
I'm here too! DS turned 19 months on the 10th and is just getting better and more fun every day. He has ALOT of words which he uses non-stop all day. He is about to become a big brother in about a month and has no idea! I have real mixed feelings about this; the pregnancy was unplanned but very celebrated. I would have liked to have given him a little more time being my "only" but que sera. He has a very laid-back and easygoing personality so I think we'll be...
Quote: Originally Posted by 2xy Perfect strangers or casual acquaintances, I can understand being upset. I think most of my friends and family members are clean enough where I don't see them as disgusting, germ-infested creatures. I don't spend time with gross people. If my baby's grandma put her finger in his mouth, I wouldn't be alarmed at all. : I'm pretty sure all of my family and most (heehee) of my close friends are not filthy or...
I'm here too-I've been lurking in both August and September DDC's but not saying too much. Texaspeach & Skyandlavender- I have the same EDD as you ladies- August 26th I'm not feeling TOO bad actually; a little bit of heartburn here and there, but other than that, I can't complain (YET) I like being pregnant though- especially this part where the baby is big enough to identify body parts and keep me amused with the karate-chops going on in there, but I don't...
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