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GOOD LUCK MAMA!! Hope you have a wonderful labour- I'm so jealous; you get to hold your LO so soon
Quote: Originally Posted by MyZoeJane Haven't DTD since this bean was conceived. Yup, believe it. I'm due September 16th. It was this way the first time around 6 years ago, too. Men have their "quirks" just like we do... I wouldn't worry! You can "do it yourself" and I'm sure things will return to normal soon after the baby is born! I'm here too. It just really freaks him out, the idea of a person, with his head "right there". I have...
Thanks for that website Wombat- I am definitely not into the whole Jayden/Jaydon/Caiden/Braiden trend at the moment. The reason we like it is because it's unusual for a boy. But I did have a nagging feeling about it being too girlie so thanks for the honesty It's funny, we know a guy called Jade in real life (he's amazing!) and I still can't get my head around it.
Count me in...I am scared too. My births will be 20 months apart. This is the 3rd OB I have been through trying to find someone to support my decision 100%, and now that I am *really* doing it, I am terrified. I am worried that after all of my preaching and quoting studies to friends and family that think I'm crazy, I'm not going to be able to take the pain- that I'll cave to the epi and have the whole cascade of interventions happen again. I'm scared of...
I need some opinions: what does everyone think of Jade for a boy? Is it too feminine? DH and I both love it, but I don't want to set LO up for a life of classroom teasing
I was on the pill for 9 years and it took me almost a full year to conceive DS1.
Quote: Originally Posted by sarabecca Not alegna, but here is something I recently came across during my research: Also interesting is this statement: I'd love to see any other research about this, whether it shows that prenatal diagnosis helps or harms. I'm just gathering all the info that I can at this point... Wow, Sarabecca- interesting stuff! I have never seen any research like this before- it's definitely food for...
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna Okay. And what *I'M* saying is that the research studies (already been done) show that u/s does NOT improve those outcomes. -Angela I don't understand what you're saying; do you mean that these studies you have seen show that u/s does not improve the outcome of these situations in and of themselves? I think this would be fairly obvious? Or do you mean that the prior knowledge of them does not improve...
Quote: Originally Posted by Amylcd I think their approach is just as silly as the groups who convince people that their body "knows what to do" and that all medical intervention is bad. As if all you need to do is to listen to your instincts and "trust" birth to have a wonderful, complication free birth. Both of these groups are dangerous to women.
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