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Oh my God....women are the COWS of PEOPLE!! --Reese, Malcolm in the Middle Sorry I just had to say this is the BEST sig I have ever seen!!! We have a crib- it gets used for naps sometimes- our boy is just starting to become quite mobile, even in his sleep, and I'm starting to get a little nervous about leaving him on our bed alone for any length of time.
Quote: Wow, I thought my DS was an anomaly and it looks to be the case. He sleeps right beside me and has his last feed about 11pm and I don't hear a peep out of him until 7am or so - and I'm a very light sleeper. He has done this from about 6 weeks. Granted, he nurses All. Day. Long I have one of these little guys too. From about 12 weeks, he has pretty much STTN. Not with ANY sort of prompting from us; he's snuggled right up against me in our...
Well as Mama of another Ethan, I say go with what you like! Although it's supposedly on all the "top 100 names" lists, I have yet to meet another Ethan where I live, or where I'm originally from actually, so although I *did* feel a little wierd about it at first, the naming agreement DH and I had, made the choice for me. It grows on me more all the time, and I get compliments regularly on his name, so I'm happy with our choice.
I would have to agree *gently* that these feelings are not normal... Sure, we all get a little frustrated sometimes, but having feelings like "sometimes I have to hold myself back from just smacking her", yowch. I agree with all the other posters saying when you feel like that, please put her down and leave the room for a few seconds until you calm down a bit. Being a new mom is *hard*, having this little person rely on you for everything, every waking moment is...
Same here, my son, almost 5 months, has always nursed this way. I remember reading stories about Mamas nursing their babies for 30 mins - 1hr per feeding and wondering what was wrong with me/us! Absolutely nothing- he is gaining perfectly and is happy and healthy.
I have to agree, your baby is just beautiful! I hate the comments as well. My DS is 4.5 months, long and lean. A fellow Mama told me the other day that he is "just so tiny!!" and asked if he had been for his well-baby check-up because he looks "seriously underweight". Being a first-time Mom, this completely freaked me out for days and my mind wasn't at ease until he had his check-up and is completely smack-bang in the middle of NORMAL for weight. I don't...
My DS is also 4.5 months. At 4 months, he also started showing all the signs you mentioned, so I gave him a few teaspoons of rice cereal mixed with b/m. He swallowed really well off the spoon and seemed to enjoy it, so we did about 3 days of it, but something wasn't feeling right in my gut about it. I kept thinking, "he's so TINY still, WHY am I giving him FOOD???" When he went for his 4 month check-up, the ped. said they don't like to see babies having anything except...
Fellow "saffa" here, also from Slaapstad I've been living in Dubai for the last 6 years and miss home very very much. Just wanted to say HI and nice to see a fellow countryman on this site!
I, too, just wanted to say hi- I am 26, married, South African and living in Dubai. I have 1 DS 4.5 months old born by emergency c-section and am EBF'ing. There's a decided lack of all things "crunchy" over here so was really pleased to find this site. Have checked in every day since signing up and decided to just say hi and get the "first post" thing over with! I look forward to belonging to such a great community of strong-minded women!
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