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I am feeling the exact same thing. Sometimes it feels like a little finger with a sharp fingernail on it poking my cervix Absurd I know, but that's what my preggo brain registers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuamami I always thought this was the beginning of a white sauce, like when you put the flour in the with the fat. I had no idea there was a flower named Rue. I think this is a "roux"
Can't help with a reply, just wanted to say your daughter is GORGEOUS!
Quote: Originally Posted by angie7 Considering that I am more of in between AP and "mainstream" person with my views and know people on both sides plus belong to different forums, your statement does not ring true to me. I find that AP people are by far more judgemental the mainstreamers. : I have found this to be true as well
Quote: Originally Posted by nashvillemidwife You can't receive that kind of advice here. New rules. Sorry, I'm confused... What kind of advice can OP not receive here? New rules??? OP there are for sure antibiotics (IF an infection is what you have, and that's what it sounds like to me ) that you can take while breastfeeding. I got a HUGE and nasty boil when DS was around 6 weeks old. Never had one before or since, but anyway. I was...
Quote: Relax everyone. Take a deep breath. It's gonna be okay laughup Yes. This.
Quote: Originally Posted by tankgirl136 Ok I have to say that linking Autism to light to moderate drinking seems very reaching. First the complete "ban" on alcohol in any form in pregnancy in a culture that accepts light to moderate drinking on a daily basis is a very new concept. Many cultures still accept light to moderate drinking in pregnancy to this day. This is not the old arguement of "one person did something "bad" in pregnancy and their baby...
I skipped the first tri tiredness, thinking "Wow, lucky me! Isn't this great?! etc etc" and just in the last two weeks I feel like I have cement in my shoes. I have been falling asleep while putting DS down at night at around 8pm. I am hoping it's because this month has been ka-razy at work and that when that ends and the end of the month I will feel a little better. I have also starting trying to up my iron intake.
I'm cross-posting between here and Sept as I'm sort of "on the cusp" with my edd. Anyway, I didn't find out with my son, and will NOT be finding out with this one either. It's driving everyone around me absolutely batty and I love it! For some reason it was "acceptable" not to find out with the first one, but now that I already have a boy, people seem almost incensed that I won't find out "so they will know what to buy me when shopping!" Yeah, like I'm going to...
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