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I like it too; it's nice to see a classic name like this being used these days. I love the nn Lulu too
The name Asa (pronounced Asia but with a softer "shh" sound) is on our list. I like it
Ok I've been dying to ask you to have a guess about my babe, but I couldn't find a pic. My DH just took some this weekend so here it is. http://i284.photobucket.com/albums/l...e/16weeks2.jpg I am 27, I have a son who was born in December 07. We WON'T be finding out the sex until the birth, but I'd LOVE to know what you think?? I am due around the end of August (26-29th) :
I used to like it when I first heard it years ago, but IMHO it's become a little bit too trendy lately
I have often thought the same thing
2-3 times a night here too. Quote: i am considering putting her in her own bed one of these nights so i can try to get a good nights sleep. Just this week, we sidecarred a previously unused crib to the bed. We haven't removed the railing completely, so there is a small lip of divider between DS and I. He is close enough for me to touch, hear, cuddle etc, but also completely in his own space. This kid does 360 degree turns in his sleep and...
Quote: Originally Posted by learnlovebe This kind of reasoning really gets to me! Women back then also used formula all the time, because it was the thing to do. They also smoked while pregnant, and didn't use car seats as regularly (or as long). Just because a different generation did it all the time, doesn't necessarily make it okay. I'd much rather prefer a fact-based approach to arguing one side or another. It's also the arguement of choice for...
Quote: Originally Posted by lizard28 I'm thankful God gave me the courage and ability to quit smoking for this child and myself...and no cravings! : Ditto! I am grateful for our rent-free accomodation provided by our company. For my gorgeous healthy 14 month old DS. For this surprise pregnancy! For a DH who is totally 100% hands-on with feeding, nappy changes, bathing etc. For my Mom living close-by and my son having an...
I am experiencing this in my second pregnancy too; I generally have low blood pressure, but never seemed to notice dizziness when pregnant with my son. I find it quite scary and overwhelming sometimes, but I've learned to not let myself get too overheated, eat often, and stand up SLOWLY... I'm only 15 weeks so I have a LONG way to go and hope I don't actually pass out- I have before when NOT pregnant.
We couldn't hear a heartbeat at 11 weeks, so my doc had a very quick peek with the ultrasound machine and there it was, flickering away... I was also very worried but she said it's quite normal at that stage of pregnancy and it turned out that I wasn't actually as far along as SHE had thought. (I knew better as I have long cycles)
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