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DD does it all the time. It's weird, because out of 6 kids, she's the only one I've had that does it.
Don't have much time these days but just wanted to pop in and say thank you for making this happen again this year, and many blessings to all the helpers and FINs! Now I'm off to chase 5 of the 8 outside while it's not raining for once!
Ayla caught her first cold too. Poor little thing, but it's to be expected with 4 kids in public school. She seems to be getting better quickly, thank goodness.
I leave DD with her dad all the time. I'm rarely gone more than 2 hours and tank her up right before I leave and she's usually hungry but perfectly fine when I get back. It's usually nothing too fun, grocery shopping or doctor's appointments, but I definitely need it for my sanity.
Ayla was my last baby for sure. I had a tubal the day after she was born and I feel no remorse or regret about it at all so I know for sure my family is complete. But I understand the feeling of not being ready to call it quits on making babies, even if the circumstances of your life are not perfect to welcome another addition. I felt like that after my 5th baby, but when I was expecting Ayla I knew without a doubt that I was done.
Has everyone had their final postpartum visit? What was yours like? My Dr. didn't even examine me in any way. We mostly talked about what the birth was like (since he missed it and I ended up with the hospitalist catching my baby) and how the baby was doing. That was it. We talked for about half an hour and then I left. It seemed kinda...anticlimactic I guess?
The main reason I got my tubes tied is because I felt simply that I had all I could handle (and then some) because I have been through having a young child and a newborn too many times. It is the hardest thing I've ever done, but I've done it 4 times and it just never really gets any easier until the baby is older and the older sibling is used to their new life. DS2 was 2 when DS3 was born, DS3 was 14 months when DD1 was born, DD1 was 2 when DS4 was born and DS4 was 18...
Quote: Originally Posted by baltic_ballet Oh and every time I go back to work I end up pregnant again That happened to me too. Three times in a row.
Quote: Originally Posted by MammaB21 The second bolded part is freaking me out because DP and I DTD just the other day for the first time. I thought my bleeding had stopped but apparently I'm still spotting. I'm a little worried too cuz my DP and I attempted to DTD the other night. I hadn't had any red bleeding for a few days, just some brown spotting but right in the middle we realized I was bleeding all over the place. I've been bleeding...
First day of school today so I have half as many kids in the house as usual. It's eerily quiet.
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