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Quote: Originally Posted by Dahlea I'm sorry, that must be really scary. Keep us updated-hopefully you'll go into labor on your own before then. Considering I've never gone into labor on my own before my due date it's pretty unlikely. My earliest baby was 40 weeks 4 days. Quote: Originally Posted by texmati Ddcc, I"m very sorry. I hope this was just a blip, and the next ultrasound turns out ok. It's definitely not...
The 26th, so I'll only be a week early but I really wanted to wait until labor started on its own. My doctor was totally cool with that up until now. Lame.
I haven't gained any weight this pregnancy. Yay, go me, right? Not exactly. I've had to have monthly ultrasounds to make sure the baby's still growing ok. I had one today and my doctor comes in afterwards pretty serious faced. It seems the baby's head growth started at the top of the growth chart and is now hovering near falling off the bottom of it. He wants me to seriously consider delivering as soon as possible. He's willing to wait and see for one more ultrasound in 2...
My EDD is August 26th so I'm feeling behind too.
Had my 34 week appt today. Everything looks great and had a fabulous talk with my doctor. We talked about some what-ifs, if I go postdates, if baby flipped breech, etc. and he is totally cool with me going as far past my EDD as I want as long as tests show baby is doing fine, and he said he's probably attended more vaginal breech births than most doctors in the area. Love it! Baby is not breech but it was just a random discussion, it still made me adore him even more. He's...
I too had to leave a much-loved DDC, but I was lucky enough to be able to join the February 2009 ladies. February babies are wonderful. Congratulations and have a healthy, happy 9 months!
My EDD is August 26th but my guess is the 23rd.
Mine is transverse as well, according to ultrasound on Friday. I'm a little nervous about it because all my babies have been head down and stayed that way by now, so hopefully she'll figure it out before too long.
I definitely have off days where I sometimes find myself poking my belly going "Hey, you okay in there?" But I have crazy busy days so I feel most movement at night once I'm laying down and not running around like a chicken missing its head.
That happened to me with my 4th pregnancy. I found out at my 19 week ultrasound I was actually 21 weeks. I felt totally panicked about losing 2 weeks of time to prepare for baby. Welcome to August!
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