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Mine was at 607 at 16 DPO. That's the only time they checked it. That's about triple the median level for 16 DPO so we did an early u/s at 5w5d to rule out twins. Just one tiny healthy bean with a beautiful flicker of a heartbeat.
I have a new one. Fruit Loops.
All I want is something cold and wet and sweet. Watermelon, canteloupe, strawberries and lemon iced tea is all I've been existing on for the past 3 weeks. Ugh.
Updated to here, including you ladies that sent me a PM. Welcome to all our new additions!
SHPG just AMAZED me day before yesterday. We had a sudden unexpected snow storm and got 4-5 inches of snow in just a few hours, while I was at work. I walked home (cuz I've lived in SW Washington my whole life and do not know how to drive in snow). He called a little while later and I told him about walking home in the snow and how I'd have to walk back (I work a split shift) and I was very tired and so on. Mostly just whining and sniveling. Anyway, so I'm sitting here...
Only one tiny bean, measuring perfectly for my dates, with a beautiful little flicker of a heartbeat. No explanation for the high beta, but I'll happily take one healthy baby.
I added you three! Welcome!
I have an ultrasound on Tuesday. Really hoping to see a heartbeat!
I think it's rude. Seriously.
Late July: Kristeremy -Kristen -expecting #3 two_sets_of_twins -Janet -expecting #7 Late July/Early August: Neptune2 -Val -expecting#3 AmyKT -Amy -expecting#2 Fruitful4Him ~Ruth ~expecting#6 somegirl99 ~Paula ~expecting#1 violet ~Violet ~expecting#1 Sometime in August: osker ~K&H ~expecting#1 MommaLura ~Lura ~expecting#2 momtoafireteam ~Nikki ~expecting#5 geekgolightly ~Kathy ~expecting #2 miss_nikki ~Nikki ~expecting #4 lunarlady ~Carlyn ~expecting #2 Early...
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