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I haven't watched or paid any attention to the Olympics in forever. I just don't care. At all.
to you. Welcome back.
Quote: Originally Posted by StormySar How do you handle people inviting you out to eat - Nobody ever invites us anywhere. I think they know better. We do go out every once in a while but never some place nice and never when it is prime rush time for restaurants. Usually something in a paper bag that can purchased from my car window. :
Quote: Originally Posted by annettemarie We have no coke here. : We do, however, have A & W Root Beer for a science experiment that will be immediately followed by ice cream floats! Um, I'll be right over. :
Holy old thread, Batman.
Lay-chay. At least that's how they said it at LLL meetings. Haha AnnetteMarie, jinx! You owe me a Coke!
So, at about 3 o'clock this morning, my cat decided to jump up in the bedroom windowsill and made such an awful ruckus, she's such a clumsy cat! Anyway, the noise startled me awake and I guess the adrenaline rush woke my baby bean too because I felt a kick so I put my hand where I felt the kick and felt another one, but I could feel it on the outside too!
Just popping in from the Feb DDC to offer that my h&h levels were almost as low as yours are back in April. I took Vitanica Iron Extra every day and I started to feel better within a week. It's about $15 a bottle that will last you a month if you take 2 a day. I had my h&h rechecked in June and they were almost double what they had been in April. Hope that helps! (And hope you feel better soon!)
Most midwives I've worked with will not charge the full fee if you transport prior to 36 weeks. I agree that a lot of time is spent prenatally but she should have only charged you for the prenatal visits and not for the homebirth that didn't happen. You should look over your financial agreement, if you signed one.
Quote: Originally Posted by justKate Does it have to be this way? Would having a doula help? Having a doula won't keep them from pushing the EFM, IV and NPO on you because it's "hospital policy" and they will try to tell you that you can't refuse them.
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