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Hey cool I am also a gemini with no freaking clue what to do about a senior title Seriously, I'm moving out of Vegas and can't for the life of me decide on a new Name! Nevermind something clever in addition : Us indecisive geminis are secretly the coolest members around
I like about a 50/50 mix. Also you can mix the vinegar w/ baking soda -good for clearing slow drains and scrubbing jobs like the bathtub. I've cleaned the toilet that way too-sprinkle in the baking soda, pour in the vinegar, let it bubble for a while then scrub. I think the biggest thing to remember is that hot water and elbow grease will clean almost anything, the rest is just a bonus
Quote: Originally Posted by sincitymama 980/1,000 10 min ab work and 10 min yoga (dvd) 1,000/1,000 Woohoo! (forgetting that I've actually gained5 pounds this month and that 1,000 minutes of working out is so far below what i used to be.....hey, I set a goal and met it. Next month I'm going for 1,500. I'll have to work it around a road trip but whatever, I know what I'm capable of.)
Quote: Originally Posted by sincitymama 950/1,000 30 min walk dvd 980/1,000
Ooooh my son loved the ball when he was little! Of course, uh, mine was called an 'exercise ball' and cost about 5 bucks
Quote: Originally Posted by sincitymama 905/1,000 45 min fast walking 950/1,000 will finish it up tomorrow
I voted that sometimes jeans are ok. Depends on the level of formality, the person wearing them, etc.. But I probably wouldn't do it. I probably have at some point or another but now that I'm an adult, I wouldn't feel comfortable about it (plus I like dressing up, and have the kind of life where it makes sense for me to own dresses-these things aren't true for many people). I expect to see jeans at more casual weddings, and on some people regardless of the event. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by sincitymama 855/1,000 just finished 50 min pilates dvd 905/1,000 I am so freaking close! You BET I will put in the time to make it before the month ends!
Quote: Originally Posted by sincitymama 800/1,000 since then... 25 min walk away the lbs dvd (was supposed to go longer but computer crashed, arg) 30 min walk/jog 855/1,000
Oh and for the wicker, definitely a hose. I'd use a scrub brush or something that would allow me to keep a certain distance from the vomit. And wear gloves. And maybe pin my nose-the smell of vomit has to be one of the worst things in the whole world.
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