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Thanks for starting this thread. I totally understand where you're at and I hope more people comment. When in the process do you just say no? How many times is it healthy to backtrack? I don't know. I think if mine were to go for a few days without nursing at all I'd be more comfortable just saying we're done, we can do other things. Has anyone had experiencing with weaning at a certain age, like, when you're x years old you won't need to nurse anymore? How did that...
Sprained ankle. Couldn't move even just my leg without pain for 24 hours.
I don't agree with the statement as it's presented, but I have always taken it to mean that birth is painful, and even though that is the case, women can survive through the pain.
Yeah... the food thing brings a whole new meaning to this. Glad it went well for your husband. I can see how on one hand the food thing is just about her bringing food to her son, food she's comfortable making. But on the other hand...I don't even know if this is passive agression or what but it definitely says something. Let's just say this kind of thing is not foreign to me.
I don't believe that graciously accepting a gift and then throwing it away, donating it, boxing it up, setting it on a shelf, or even looking at it critically with my child, will "teach" them anything. Well, not about religious views I'm opposed to. Just about being kind. If what I would do doesn't work for you, then I think your words sound like a kind way to set a limit that's important to you.
No BTDT here but sounds like you're doing fantastic. And I was smiling in awe and sympathy for the pinching yourself! Lol. Usually I just count out loud really fast! If it were me I think I'd just keep doing what I was doing and then only say something if he did. There's always the option of gifts or parties or acknowledgement if he does want to talk about it. I would think the longer it goes on quietly as is, the less attached he is getting to it.
If you find yourself back in limbo, one method I like is to pretend you've made the choice and see how your decision feels. It's not all our nothing either. There may be a variety of people who will support you in different ways. . . Midwives, doulas, friends. . .each with a different possible role.
It sounds like you're moving towards wanting something different. From finding someone to check things out before the birth, to wanting to UP but then having a midwife attend the birth. How far along are you? Do you feel pressure to decide now? Sorry if I've missed this from another thread or just don't remember, but maybe you can lay out all your options here and talk through them. Or what is your ideal? A few checkups and a backup to call if you feel you need help st...
Is there anyone you feel would report you to a child protection agency? If so, can you stay away from this person? Do you have access to 911 emergency services or a nearby hospital? Can you get an ultrasound? I haven't dwelled much on those specific things. I have had worries about the health of my babies but I think all moms do. And I think everyone worries about their birth and how it will go in the chosen location. Talking to knowledgeable ladies who had babies...
Hang on, are you saying I have a responsibility to talk about something other than birth pools, insurance, my own experience, supporting women in all their worries and questions. . . Because I should be taking about "important global news"?
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