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I don't have a 7-9 year old yet, so I guess this is a little off topic, but I was shocked to see that all of the kids in my 4 year old's preschool class (except for him) are in boosters, and almost all of them are low back ones. I'm pretty sure there are several who aren't even 40 pounds. Kind of appalling.
The same exact thing happened with my youngest ds when he was pretty much the same age. I wondered the same as you, if it was typical newborn tremors why was it just starting now? My ped said if he was actively nursing it was definitely not a seizure, and he was always actively nursing. It did happen a few more times over the course of the next couple months, always while nursing, and almost always when he was a little overtired. It would last less than a minute, and then...
Yep, pretty sure you're not going to find that in this area. And CGH only has male OBs (Dr. Lemay and Dr. Tugwell) who deliver, but I think there is a female FP (Dr. Provow) who has delivery privileges.
I have yet to try one since I can't abide the stench, but add my 4 year old to the list of kids who think they're the best thing since sliced bread.
I would really recommend having an auction. Move the things she wants to keep to her new place, and then the auctioneering company comes, pulls out and sorts everything else, sells it in one day, and gets rid of everything that's left. At least that's how they do it around here, maybe they do things differently in other areas. She doesn't have to be there if it'll be too painful to watch her "treasures" sell for pennies. ETA: I didn't see the last posts until after I...
Well, having some burning today and the AZO strip came back positive. Guess it's time to start the antibiotic. Phooey.
Thank you all for the advice. I think I will hold off on the antibiotic because it just feels wrong to start taking it now when I feel fine. I've never seen those AZO strips before, but I'll head to the drug store to find some. I did just purchase some Crandophilus from the HFS which combines a potent cranberry with a strong probiotic, so I'll continue to take that for a few days. Luminesce: Your experience sounds a lot like mine. The doctor I saw had no idea really...
Just looking for some advice here. Last weekend I started feeling like I had a kidney infection (fever/chills, nausea, back pain)- I had one several years ago, so I know what they feel like. It was a Friday, but I decided to hold off on seeing the dr. Instead I upped my water intake and took a Super CranActin supplement. While on that, my 11 month old nursling started having diarrhea. I googled and found out that one of the herbs in the supplement (uva ursi) was not to be...
My DH handed me the comics this morning and said "you're going to like Baby Blues today..."
Delurking to say your new little one shares the same first and middle name as my little guy born in July of last year! Great choice!
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