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On my iPhone, above the area where you type a response, there are three icons. The one farthest to the right is to insert a photo.
Here is Cameron. He is 23.5lbs 28 inches. He will be one on 9/19/2013.
Katie wants to be a princess and she wants Cameron to be a dragon. I usually make costumes, but I'm being realistic this year and buying them. I found a Carter's dragon hoodie and pants outfit on eBay for $5 shipped and ordered it, still looking for the perfect princess dress.
I have two. One is made by Boppy and I don't love it. It's wider I. The front than the back and it bunches up and digs I to my waist. The other is actually made for exercising, and wors better except that it makes me sweat...but I can't complain, since I only paid $5 for it at Ross.
I had pph and a retained placenta with DD (first birth). My MW gave me a shot of pitocin after DS was born to ensure that I didn't stop contracting, and no pph!
Are you using one? How long did/will you keep wearing it? I've been wearing mine all day since Cameron was born, but I'm wondering if its doing any good at this point....
We were spared the fussy period for the first two weeks, but the last two nights, Cameron has had a couple of hour-long fussies twice each night. Unfortunately, I can't pass him off to dad because DH is in the middle of his last quarter of school and needs as much sleep as he can get so that he can concentrate on studying. And big sister is still waking up at least once a night, too...fun times. Cameron has the worst case of baby acne. Katie had it too, and it lasted...
Congratulations, he is beautiful!
3 hours of active labor and 8 minutes pushing . Very fast and intense, after a week of trying and trying to get labor started. :/
I had Paraguard after DD and loved it. I had it taken out and was pregnant with Cameron within a week. We are 90% sure that he is our last, but waiting til 100% for the big V, so ill get another Paraguard soon
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