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Watch your salt intake...the worst swelling I had when pg with dd was after I had the. Most. Delicious. Salted caramel ice cream ever. I've been studying (nursing) with DH lately and he keeps saying "water follows salt". And LOTS of water to flush it out
The Ph of amniotic is different fom other....uh, bodily secretions...so if you have access to test strips of some kind you could check that. DH had some for his saltwater tank, but I think they sell them for gardening, etc., as well
Re: boobs. I was a 34c when I got pg with dd. new bras were the first thing I had to buy....I went up to a D cup by the time I was 8 weeks. I don't remember exactly when, but I had to buy new bras a second time before DD was born. After my milk came in, my boobs were GINORMOUS! I think I was a G cup at that point. They slowly shrunk over the two years that I nursed and I was between a C and D when I got pg. (DD had weaned 3 months earlier). But, I got to use all the...
How'd it go?
Falicia, I will try to log on to my real computer tomorrow so that I can add you to my spreadsheet and give you a date.
Re: breastfeeding - I try to take the attitude of "the option of the uninformed does not matter to me" (actually, it's my attitude about a lot of things) though I'll always try to explain to these who are open-minded enough to listen. I'm actually struggling with a decision regarding bf right now, though. I bf'd DD until she was 2, and never had a problem doing so in public, though that naturally decreased as she grew from baby to toddler. I also rarely covered up...I...
You sound like my kind of lady, we have a lot of the same interests. Ok, here are my questions: Do you ever see Matthew Fox running around town? (I'm pretty sure he lives in Bend, right? Lol...I've had a secret crush on him since Party of Five.) Are your birth plans for this baby similar to or totally different from your DS's birth? What is your favorite food? Do you have brothers or sisters? If so, where are you in the birth order?
Worldshakerz. I love the name! Benjamin would probably be high on our list, except we already know way too many of them
Bumping this thread in case any of the new people (or anyone who missed it before) want to be added to the spotlight rotation
Names we are thinking of naming our new baby boy Kameron, which would be an Americanized version of FIL's Chinese name, Kam Something (he goes by his English name that he chose when he immigrated to the US). Baby will also get a Chinese name, chosen by FIL and DH's grandmother. The Chinese name is for family only, not on the birth certificate or anything. They chose a name for DD that sounded somewhat similar to her real name and means Happy Family (she was the first...
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