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I did Hypnobabies last time and loved it, and am starting to listen to the scripts again.   I've been reading a study about homebirth too...Homebirth In America, I think it's called.   All very interesting and reinforces all the reasons I choose not to birth in a hospital.
Sorry that it was such a bummer.   But maybe she was wrong, since she did such a lousy job anyway...perhaps you're still in for a surprise!  :)
Crystal, I'd just left off your whole line, date and all!  You're added. :)
I have stretch marks...not from pregnancy, but just weight gain earli in my life. I take a double dose of fish oil every day and did when pg with dd as well. I swear that it's the reason that I did t get stretch marks last time....fingers crossed it works again!
Crystal, oops! I know you're on the spreadsheet I made, but I obviously goofed when I copied it over. When I can get to my other computer I'll update the schedule. Sorry!
I got my first PPAF at 15 months, 2nd a few months later, then they started to get more regular when I started slowly weaning dd at 18 months. No explaination for the cramps, etc.
DH and I had a brief conversation about this early in my pregnancy with DD. we were on different sides of the issue then and agreed to table it until we knew it was an issue. I *think* that he has come around in the past few years, though...he 'liked' something I posted on Facebook that was non-circ and I've made a few comments about how it was perpetuated by religious leaders to segregate their followers, and I think that may have converted him to the non-circ crowd. ...
BRC, your neighbor does sound like the best option. Maybe you can do some 'prep' in the next few months by leaving you DD alone with her? My DD was 22 months and VERY attached to me when a friend offered to watch her so that we could pack to move. I was SURE that I would get a phone call to come pick up my screaming kid, but she did great and didn't seem to mind that I was gone. Getting your DD used to being along with the neighbor might make the whole thing go much...
So exciting that everyone is starting to find out what they are having....well, those of us who are too impatient to wait for a surprise. . My US is next Friday. Dd is quite insist at that it's a sister, dh is sure that it's a boy (but he thought boy last time, too). I don't have a strong feeling either way (I knew that dd was a girl) but in all my dreams, I dream boy....so we shall see!
When we were planning to have the baby at home, the plan was for my cousin (dd's favorite person in town) to come hang it and be her person, but to take her out of the house if necessary. Now that we'll be at the birth center in Seattle, where my family is, my sisters and mom will be with dd, and will be at the birth center or not, as per what dd and I need at the time. Dd will be within a month of 3. Flower of bliss, great book review! I need to order some of these.
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