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I have a question.  There is a short trip/vacation that I want to take in late May 2015.  I know that's over a year away, but if I wait until next year's treasure map time, it may be too late to get everything set up.   Do I include images related to that trip on this year's treasure map?
I need ideas on how to word an email to an old boyfriend who recently tried to contact me.  I want the response to be polite, but cool.    I don't know what his intentions are.  He says he wants to "reconnect".  Could be platonic, but probably not.   Thanks!
Thank you for your post.    I am sorry for what happened to you.   I hope to see a change in US culture in my lifetime, to the point where we understand that amputating part of a non-consenting person's body for anything other than immediate medical indication is a huge human rights violation.
Books.  Or just A Book.  Something I've wanted for a while, is out of print or hard to find. 
I am putting together a playlist of songs about being strong and independent, about divorce or breaking up.  Please see my post in Books, Music & Other Media here: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1364072/songs-for-divorce-break-up-or-just-being-independent   Please give me your input!  Thank you!
I'm trying to put together a playlist of songs that are good for divorce or break-ups.  Things that support being independent and strong.   What I've come up with so far:   He Thinks He'll Keep Her, by Mary-Chapin Carpenter Stronger, by Kelly Clarkson   Cinderella, by the Cheetah Girls (OK, this is just about being independent, not about a break-up.  But the line about "I'd rather rescue myself" resonates with me right now.)   I need input.   Please...
YES!  That's IT!   Thank you so much!
I am looking for a word that sounds sort of like you said "Like I am" with a sort of slur, and the "k" sound sort of has an "h" sound next to it.   I can't even get the spelling close enough for Google to recognize it.   My brain keeps telling me that the word I'm looking for is somehow associated with Jewish people.  Could it be Yiddish?    Do you have any suggestions?  And please tell me what language the word is in.  The meaning would be a bonus,...
A new thread I made last night (right here in Q&S) is being held for moderation.  No links, and I'm far from new.
I really need to post about something very upsetting that happened in my life.  However, I do NOT want the vast general public to be able to see the thread and I sure as hell don't want it searchable with google.    It used to be that in order to get in TAO, you had to be a member for a certain length of time, and/or you had to have posted a certain number of times.  Is that still true?   If not, gosh... maybe I can join the Abuse forum for a short time - this...
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