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i'm here! just getting read to head back to canada on the 20th after 3/4 of a year in england! i'll be home in ontario for about 2 weeks then it's off to BC and then maui! very exciting.
Quote: Originally Posted by Andee So, I guess you can add me to the pregnant list. We weren't exactly TTC, but we weren't really avoiding either. I got my BFP this morning, 13 dpo. Baby will be "due" December 14, a day before DP's and my 6th dating anniversary! omg! congrats!!!! :
just realized i never said thanks to those who chimed in about my nathobian cyst! it's gone now! woot. in other news, my temp dropped to just over 36 today...weird!
have any of you guys every felt bumps on your cervix before? i know nathobian cysts are normal but this is the first time i've felt (what sounds like) one...granted i don't check CP as a rule (hate pressure on my cervix), i've probably only done it maybe 5 or 6 times, so i could have had one before and not known. it's a small (1/3 the size of a pea?), hard bump, near the OS, and not painful at all. i'm trying not to be concerned about it, especially since i'm in the...
spotting today. so, if this turns into full out bleeding as the day goes on then it'll officially be a 23 day cycle. not that 24 is much better. :
Quote: Originally Posted by Andee I started ovulating first cycle...I'm really happy I went off the pill. ditto to both of those. CAndME: sounds good! i'm also 23 now, if you feel like updating that.
Quote: Originally Posted by twilight girl Man, I sure wish I was better at reading all these charts! I look at everybody´s charts, then end up not saying anything this is me... i'd feel so bad if i said something was fine and it wasn't but virginia, i also don't think you O'd yet.
i'm glad you guys concur! i love when we all agree all those BFPs from really early DTD in the last few months have got me slightly on edge. anyone else? or am i just insane?
Quote: Originally Posted by Virginia884 Very annoying chart here! Spotting on CD20. Temp up on 21 and 22. Temp down on 24 and 25. Back up again today. That spotting is making me think I Od on CD20, but then yesterday I felt crampy on my left side only. My temps are in a very small range (.8 from bottom to top) and that makes things confusing, too. I'm praying for a normalish cycle length. I so desperately want to be Oing so we can start TTC at the end...
10DPO here. my temp keeps going up for a couple days and then dropping slightly then going up then dropping. my first CTA cycle was like this...kinda annoying. i'm also cramping today for some unknown reason, to add to my irritated mood we DTD unnprotected on CD4 and with condoms on CD10, i o'd on CD12 (you can see my CM pattern in my chart). should be ok, right? last cycle's LP was also 14 days.
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