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Neither giving rewards nor punishing are effective ways of motivating a child. As soon as the "motivator" (reward/punishment goes away) the behavior reverts.   It sucks. I wish it worked. AHHHHH!!!!    I uhm... barely bathe my 4 year old. I might scrub her down with a washcloth if she looks dirty but mostly she takes a bath once a week. It's basically a play bath. She won't let me wash or brush her hair so I keep it short. She has learned that we must brush our...
Apparently me recounting my personal experiences is too "jolting" so I'm going to stop participating in the thread. That's fine. It's pretty clear that this discussion is over anyway.
Mine did that! Love.
Is there any possibility of raising your own chickens? I'm going to build a coop out of found lumber and raise my own because I have ethical qualms about the meat industry.
I miss my gang kids so much it hurts. I feel like I accomplished more good in the three years I taught than in any other ten year period. I haven't been able to talk someone into better life choices in a long time. I feel kind of useless. I try to convince myself that my kids need the attention too.
I nightweaned at 18 months for this reason. My kids are 27 months apart and whereas I could handle dealing with tandem nursing during the day I just physically could not take having to be available for going-to-sleep nursing for both of them. My husband started doing night time for our older child while I stayed with the baby. At this point our kids are 2.5 and 4.5 and we trade off bed time back and forth for both at once and it is really comfortable and happy for all of...
  Actually the support I got from welfare as a child kept me from starving. It kept me full enough to be able to learn at school. So that I could go on to college and become a productive member of society.    I don't think it is a "good thing". I think it is way the fuck better than the alternative. I was already unwanted in every way. I'm really fucking grateful that my government has more compassion than you.
We have whole forums devoted to that. :) Wander around and stay a while. :)
Err, no amount of "discipline" would have put my kids on a schedule. Some kids incline that way and with parental encouragement can adapt. Other kids... not so much. Humans are weird, complicated animals.   And my kids wouldn't take a bottle because I "waited too long". It is inconvenient being tied to a baby for the whole first year + of life but I didn't have kids because I wanted my life to be convenient. It worked for me.
I get that you have lots of issues with how the adults are behaving. The children didn't ask to be born. The children involved can't pick or unpick their parents. If you discontinue aide you aren't punishing the parents for their stupidity you are punishing the children for being stupid enough to be born.
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