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I spoke about it emphatically from before I found someone to partner up with. I was always planning to homeschool my kids. I've taken a lot of guff over it. Oh well. I think "parent of a home schooler" has been part of my parenting identity from pretty much as soon as I was aware that I really wanted children. Educating them is most of the joy of having them. Why wouldn't I want to do it the most fun way?   But I understand that not everyone shares my approach to...
I have a BA in English and a teaching credential and not officially a Masters in English (I failed the last test but I had a great GPA--I couldn't hand write fast enough for the final exam) so I guess I'm not up for this.   *deep sigh* I guess it's back to the drawing board. I suppose it is a good thing I have the internet to set me straight.
I reiterate that I think LLL does great and wonderful things. It is a very passionate and worthy organization. I don't feel that disbanding it is the right direction and I'm not upset about them promoting breastfeeding.   I also don't feel bad about referring to them as a zealous organization. I don't think they are fascists or Nazis--I think they are passionate. Sometimes passionate people have a hard time seeing the person they are interacting with and that means...
Oh no. I'm so sorry. :(
I am so sorry. :( How are you doing?
  Ahhh man! you had to make my ultimate points better than me. Dangit Linda! :)   Personally I am not a big fan of guns. My father raped me when I was nine and held a gun to my head asked me if I deserve to live. I don't care for guns much. I start to shake after a few minutes of touching one. Handguns are worse than rifles. I can stay on focus much longer with a rifle.   When I was 20 I moved in with a rabid gun nut. He was not interested in hearing the story about why I...
  An awful lot of people living in the Colonies felt that way about those pesky Revolutionists too. :)
  There is a strong argument to be made that I am not sane, so take this how you will. I feel only mildly shaken. Like I understand that it is sad but it didn't make me cry. People die through violence every single day. I don't really cry over it any more. I cry over me because I'm a self-absorbed bastard. This won't make me worry more. My chances of this happening are ridiculously small compared to the other things I do in life.   This won't effect me or my life. Not...
I said, "Every LLL is defined by the people in that location. LLL very deliberately hunts for very impassioned people." and that turned into people complaining that this is a general bashing LLL thread? Really. Yeah. Ok, I'll move on with my life.
Thank you. I finished the marathon so I haven't been running as steadily. I've been making my husband go with me and thats nice.
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