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  I've actually been reading you for a while. You are hilarious. You are one of my favorite people on the internet.
I would like to start taking aikido in the nearish future. Why not just stick with yoga and meditation? Because I've been raped more than a few times and I feel it would be prudent for me to get better at defending my body. Obviously that is a skill in which I am not yet skilled enough. Just because I don't want to teach violence to my children that does not mean that I think I live in a non-violent world. I think that self defense is quite important. I do actually talk...
Well, the first thing I did was read child development books. Violence is a normal stage. However I try to guide them towards choices I think are more appropriate. I don't freak out or shame when they hit but I do say, "Do you think that hitting your sister will accomplish what you want to accomplish?"    Even though it isn't completely GD I do time outs for hitting/biting/whatever that hurts someone else. In my view you hit/etc when you don't know how to react. I...
I'm really glad you chose this as a next career. :D Based on the stuff you write I think you will excel in this field. I'm so glad that your students will get to benefit from having you in their lives.   I don't think I will go back to teaching but I think about heading in the direction of therapist for severely traumatized children. The kind everyone else gives up on. I have a while till my kids are old enough. I will think about you as the years go by and I try to...
I'm strongly considering signing my daughter up for a charter come September. It is one that works with home schoolers. We can pretty much unschool but we also get $1300/year for activities and materials. That sounds pretty nice.   I'm very happy to pay into taxes that support a public school system. I think it should exist. I donate money to the local public school when they have fundraisers (we live directly across the street from an elementary school so we hear...
I was with someone for four years hoping he would change his mind. He didn't. I left and found someone who is kind of ridiculously nice to me. Sometimes being sure you want something and charging off after it goes well. Not always, but sometimes. If you want children you should prioritize that. :)
No! They had no stories about how they would actually accomplish anything. There were just sad news articles about the current difficulties.    I felt like yelling at the top of my lungs to leave me the fuck alone was a reasonable first step. If he is there next week I will be more aggressive. Well, if he bugs me. I will also speak to the event organizers. 
Yup, they are too young to understand. I wrote down my whole story and published it in a book because some day I would like my kids to be able to understand why I am the person I am. I want them to be able to understand what happened to me. But I think they shouldn't know anything about the details until they are independent adults. It's really hard.
Uhm, you need to leave the relationship and move on. That's your road to children. Sorry.
  (Before the shouting started) When the woman tried to tell me that Communism was the answer I turned to her and said, "Do you actually think that no one gets raped in Communist countries? Then you are lying to yourself. Women get raped under every form of government."
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