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  We are an unschooling family but I like to (sarcastically) refer to myself as the benevolent dictator. :) I only get them on a time installment plan and I have to relinquish levels of control on specified dates. :)
Yay for unexpected treasure finds. :)
My in-laws live in Texas. I am blessedly in California. I've met them once. I think that's enough for me this lifetime.    I help my daughters write letters so that they will have a relationship with folks. It's tenuous but it doesn't involve me dealing with bullies.
 Kate Bornstein!! 
The first three months were brutal for me. My kids were on me 24/7. I thought I would lose my mind. The main thing I can say is--they get older. It changes. I feel like getting through that hard period together is part of why I am so intensely in love with them. I worked for this relationship darn it!  :)
But wet nursing/cross-nursing has been common forever. It is not true that ones own mother must feed you.   The coolest thing is about 10% of men can lactate. That makes me very happy. :)
Any 100% fruit juice is ok. (Though the ratio of how much juice to water changes a bit because some juices taste *nasty* diluted down to 10% in my opinion) The point is to get just a little bit of sugar into the water because your body absorbs more of the sugar water. The plain water often flushes through when you are already too dehydrated.
I like this book: Everything you Never Wanted Your Kids to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid They Would Ask)
I have never been on a "schedule" but things do tend to have a consistent order. Children build their sense of security on understanding what happens next.
I breastfed my 2 year old in the middle of the Monterey Bay Aquarium while I was 9 months pregnant. I got a few kind of surprised looks and that was the most extreme reaction to all of my nursing in public. To be fair it was kind of funny looking given how big my stomach was. :)   I nursed for more than four years straight including through a pregnancy and tandem nursing for 8 months. People were really nice to me. I don't think anyone even ever told me to cover up....
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