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  I have a friend who is currently pregnant with the third generation infertility treatment baby in her family. I have 100% been supportive of her taking measures to get pregnant but the back of my mind wonders what the long-term consequences are going to be for a species who needs that much intervention in order to keep going.
I recently read The Moral Animal and it made my little heart go pitter patter. The book was specifically about how humans are often unaware of the ways in which they are trying like heck to propagate the species. It's innate. They will in fact actively lie and claim the opposite of what they are doing if that is what it takes to pass on their genes.    I do not believe in a God who guided the slow evolution of the species. I just don't. I think that the way we...
That's great to hear. :)
Well, I did 100% of the needs in the first 18 months until I felt like I was going to kill myself. Something had to give. I had no child care support. Up until I forced my kids to let daddy do something I was it.   My life is much better now.
My four year old daughter's first tv show was She-Ra. (I wanted her to have the "princess" schema open with the idea that princesses carry swords and kick ass--it's going well!) But in the show the bad guy characters do a lot of saying, "Yes, master."   So whenever I ask her to do stuff she gets into this full on Quasimoto hunchback thing dragging her leg and says in a rough voice, "Yes, Master! Right away, Master!" I generally feel a little embarrassed but it's...
That would be a good wrong planet question. I get the impression that there aren't that many people on MDC who can answer for you.
   Nice :) You are far more diplomatic than me.
Everyone has to do things that aren't their favorite. That's just life. You don't always get everything exactly how you want it. I figure learning that when the stakes are low is pretty good. "I want only mom but instead I have this dad who LOVES ME TO PIECES AND IS COMFORTING ME AND LOVING ALL OVER ME" is really a great way to start the soft-ball pitches about how life is hard. :)
My husband started doing night time at 18 months old for both kids. It was rough for the first few weeks, I'll be honest. Now they are 4.5 and 2.5 and we trade off who is on bed time duty and there is no fussing at all. I'm really grateful we worked through the hard parts.
Our massage therapist tells us that all winter we should be drinking water mixed with about 10% apple juice because that will help our dehydration better than plain water. My husbands hands no longer crack and bleed all winter so it does seem to be helpful. It's a baby step towards less sugar. :)
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