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Recently my son who is 5.5 started having pee accidents. He says he doesn't know it's happening. This is VERY unusual for him. He still stays dry through the night (has for years). He pees regularly and drinks only water throughout the day.   Today he peed right before piano lesson. Then he finished and played on my iphone while his sister had her lesson. 45 minutes after he last peed, he jumped up and ran to the bathroom and had an accident.   I took him to the...
There's no way I could continue a friendship with someone who was so obviously negative about my lifestyle. The feeling of being judged all the time would just automatically end any level of comfort.
I just finished reading Homeschooling our Children; Unschooling Ourselves. I loved it! I love so many. John Holt books are fabulous. So many good ones, but  my favorites are more towards unschooling.
Just a thought, but does he have any friends or relatives out of town? That's what I started having my dd (just turned 8) do. She now regularly corresponds with her grandmother and several of the friends we've moved away from (a benefit of moving around with the military). I think it makes corresponding easier when they "know" who they are corresponding with?
Love it! You don't happen to have a blog, do you? I love being inspired by unschooler blogs :)
I'm curious if anyone has played these games and what you think? We're always up for new math games.
How about the book It's Not The Stork? We bought it and read it to DD when she was 7. It was much easier for me to read that to her than to come up with the details myself, lol!
Normally I do, but ours doesn't have this book. Is it worth $20, do you think? If it's just got a few good ideas, I think I'll pass.
Does anyone have this? Did you like it, love it, hate it?   http://www.amazon.com/Carschooling-Entertaining-Activities-Travel-Learning/dp/0615309496/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top   A few not so great reviews. Thought I'd ask here first before ordering!
It's so sad to hear that not only this section but others are much less active. I may not frequent the other areas that much at this time, but I like knowing that there is a supportive place to go when I need advice or tips on natural living. I know when I heard the magazine was no longer to be published it broke my heart. As a new mom eight years ago, I found the magazine to be so helpful and supportive (and what brought me to this place). I liked that this was a place...
New Posts  All Forums: