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Never heard of this one. Where is it?
I'm constantly trying to find natural ways for my children to learn math, writing, etc. instead of a sit-down curriculum, since they enjoy it so much more, and also seem to learn a lot more this way. I just came across this site and it has some great ideas for math - you have to dig around a bit but lots of good stuff, including a yahoo group if you are so inclined.   http://www.livingmath.net/Home/tabid/250/language/en-US/Default.aspx   ETA: Now I am on the...
I've been reading over there more lately too, because it's so active. And I haven't had as much time to post myself, so I've been doing more reading than posting. But there are many times when I end up doubting myself after reading over there. That makes me miss this place even more!
This board  used to seem a lot more active here, but things have been quiet lately. Just wondering if I  missed anything, or if there is another place people frequent?
We don't use Story of the World texts or activity guides, but I do have the cds going in our car ALL the time, by my daughter's request. She can't get enough of them. She's listened to Volumes 1 and 2 at least 3-4 times each. We are on volume 3 now (the first pass through). In addition, I just supplement with LOTS of books from the library. There are so many, and whatever subject we are currently on, I just do a search on amazon for books and then when I find some I...
I guess we are sort of smart for looking at real estate then Lakeeffectssnow. As homeschoolers, home truly is my sanctuary and if I don't have a great home, I know I won't be happy. So we have been looking and I've said I won't buy anything unless it's absolutely perfect (for us). Most people say no home is perfect, but I decided I won't settle, and really since we have time to be picky, I guess there's no real reason to settle anyway. Thank you for your advice. We are...
Great ideas so far! I just love getting new inspiration for vacations!   We lived in NC, very near the outer banks and sadly never went because our children were so little and we just weren't up for it. I wish we had! We also lived on Oahu for three years and saw everything it had to offer and also went to the Big Island (loved) and Maui.   Now we're in San Diego and I know there are some cool road trips from here. But I'm looking forward to thinking about some...
I actually want all sorts of responses - all sorts of places! I just think it would be a cool thing for people to share their favorite "homeschooling" vacations - I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd make use of this information ;) I just know there are loads of vacation ideas that I've never even considered, some probably right in my backyard of California. And coming from homeschoolers, I figured we'd get some great ideas, and years worth of ideas!
Anyone want to share their favorite vacation spots? I feel like I've typed this post before, but I would be so quick to buy a travel book based on good  vacation recommendations for homeschoolers :)
We're in San Diego and love it here for homeschooling. So many opportunities for homeschooling!
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